The hospital staff took the Covid patient out of the hospital before the ambulance arrived in Mainpuri

Mainpuri Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Sun May 09, 2021 12:03 AM IST abstract The staff escorted the infected woman out of the hospital before she got to the ambulance. She was harassed in a tricycle for an hour outside the hospital. Infected woman sitting on a tricycle outside the hospital – Photo: Amar Ujala … Read more

?????? ?? ??????? The oxygen system is set up to breathe life into the breath

Mainpuri patients lose the battle for life due to lack of oxygen. For this reason, on the initiative of the excise minister, CDO and SDM designed the oxygen system to breathe life into your breath. Various companies were approached to build an oxygen plant at the lowest cost. If all goes well, the system will … Read more

Panchayat Election Result Rigging Audio Goes Viral – Panchayat Election Result Rigging Audio Goes Viral

Mainpuri Audio of a conversation about changing the Panchayat election results went viral on Saturday. In this context, there is talk of giving back the money so as not to change even after the election result has been changed. There was an administrative panic after the audio went viral. Two pieces of audio went viral … Read more

Patients who were primarily admitted to the Kovid Hospital should be treated

Mainpuri District Judge Mahendra Bahadur Singh inspected Kovid Level Two Hospital on Saturday. Meanwhile, he encouraged the working health workers and doctors. He was instructed to treat the patients in complete safety. DM expressed anger about the grime complaint at Kovid Hospital. Said all patients should be treated with priority without discrimination. The district judge … Read more

Audio Goes Viral of Panchayat Election Results in Mainpuri – Mainpuri: Audio of Talks on Panchayat Election Change Change to Viral

Mainpuri Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated May 08, 2021 5:37 PM IST abstract In the audio that has gone viral, even after the attitude to changing the election result, there is talk of returning the money so as not to change it. Panchayat District Office, Mainpuri – Photo: Amar Ujala Two audio recordings of the … Read more

Couples become corona warriors as an example of service work in the epidemic

Etawah In the second wave of Corona, the couple in the district hospital are caring for patients. Corona Warrior Suman Kumari is a nurse at the District Hospital’s Kovid Hospital. He said that even for the past year he had served without fear. This time too she is on duty. Suman, a Shivnagar resident at … Read more

273 electricity pylons broken in the storm, supply to two hundred villages suspended

Mainpuri The thunderstorms on Friday morning severely damaged the electrical system. The supply of two villages was stopped due to the failure of 273 electricity pylons in the entire district. Electricity Corporation teams didn’t start working until after the rain stopped. In the evening the supply of 15 villages with the exception of 15 villages … Read more

Corona re-infected after a day of relief – Corona re-infected after a day of relief

Mainpuri The number of corona infections in the district increased again after one day. In the past 24 hours, 98 corona have been infected and found in different areas of the district. This means that the number of infected people has risen to 8,550. On Friday, 11 people were admitted to Kovid Level Two Hospital … Read more

Wheat is stored outside of rain-soaked procurement centers – wheat that is stored in rain-soaked procurement centers

Mainpuri On Friday morning rains, the wheat purchased from government procurement centers was soaked by being kept outdoors. Outside the procurement centers were flooded. After the rain stopped, wheat was replaced and sacks were dried outside the sourcing centers.Due to the corona infection, farmers reach the procurement centers to sell only a small number of … Read more

Storm, rain and hail damage – night drizzle, morning storm and rain caused damage

Mainpuri The storm and drizzle brought relief to those troubled by the heat on Thursday evening. At the same time, the heavy rains with thunderstorms on Friday caused problems. Heavy rains caused hailstorms in many places and also damaged the crops. At the same time, the storm also caused great damage in rural areas.Because of … Read more