The darkness of the oxygen crisis looms, no problem until next week

Lakhimpur Kheri patients in the district who have been deprived of oxygen for almost a month will not have any problems for the next week. DM Shailendra Kumar Singh said the proposed demand had been approved by the government for several days and the district had been allocated six tons of liquid medical oxygen (LMO). … Read more

Until two Bjp Mlas write to Cm Yogi says that people die of lack of oxygen Please state that we cannot help

abstract He went on to write that the government and the district administration are making every effort from their level, but the administration is also being forced due to the lack of oxygen. In such a situation, it is requested that the government provide sufficient oxygen to the Lakhimpur district. BJP MLA Lokendra Pratap Singh … Read more

Pleasant weather due to light rain, wheat got wet in some places

Lakhimpur Kheri Due to the pleasant weather on Friday, people were relieved from the rising temperature while wheat was soaked in some wheat shopping malls. Here the farmers say that if the rains had subsided a little, the irrigation would have brought a lot of relief. 10 wheat shopping centers were opened in Mohammadis Krishi … Read more

Kovid Hospital will start at MCH Motipur Hospital – Kovid Hospital will start at MCH Motipur Hospital

Lakhimpur Kheri DM Shailendra Kumar Singh visited the 200-bed mother and child hospital in Motipur in Oil on Friday to investigate preparations for the establishment of a Kovid hospital. He saw the work done so far in the hospital along with the officers present on site. The Incharge (Electrical) unit of the work organization was … Read more

The family members of the infected remove the cops

Lakhimpur Kheri district administration has taken all necessary steps to break the corona transition chain. Containment zones are created when the number of infected people is high. The path is blocked with the help of cops. However, people are not deterred by the movement. People also negligently follow the safety zone created to break the … Read more

The roster continues to open stores with important goods – The roster continues to open important stores

Lakhimpur Kheri DM Shailendra Kumar Singh has issued a schedule for stores to open during the lockdown (partial curfew) in the district, after which grocery and fertilizer seed stores will open five days a week. At the same time, stores selling vegetables, fruits and other essential goods, including milk, will be open for seven days. … Read more

Health – Korana infects khaki under the electoral regime

Unnao. Reports from police officers will be confirmed positively after the elections are over. There are currently 63 police officers, including three COs and some SOs, affected by infections. On Friday, the report from 5 police officers stationed on the police line was also positive. The person in charge of the corona cell that collects … Read more

Health Alert – Health systems are getting sick, patients are worried

Lakhimpur Kheri The district’s health service was already busy. Corona has ruined them further. From the wards of the district hospital to emergencies, patients worry from a bed to an oxygen bottle. While the hospital administration tries to provide all possible medical services to patients, it is proving inadequate given the increasing numbers. Despite being … Read more

Positive thinking for good health – If you keep thinking positive, the corona will turn negative

Lakhimpur Kheri The number of corona infections in the district is increasing day by day. Everyone is concerned about it. This time a second corona wave is gripping people of all ages. Even so, people are returning by beating Corona. This is expected to soon win the fight against Corona. Akhilesh Sharma District Hospital pharmacist, … Read more

Corona Affekt – Corona infection was also found in villages after the city

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