Hathras: Theft of millions by breaking into the castle of Eo’s house

HathrasThe local Glory Garden Colony entered the home of Hasayan’s executive officer and stole cash, jewelry and other items valued at lakhs rupees. The villains also broke a closet and its latch. The police have registered a case in this case and initiated an investigation. Satyapal Singh, EO of Hasayan Nagar Panchayat, lives in the … Read more

Hathras: Information for village leaders on the functions of monitoring committees – Hathras: Information for village leaders on the functions of monitoring committees

HathrasDM Ramesh Ranjan interacted with all newly elected village chiefs in the district via the zoom app. DM said coronavirus monitoring committees were formed in rural areas to prevent infection with the coronavirus. In rural areas, the President of the Corona Monitoring Committee is the village director. Members of these committees are ASHA / ANM, … Read more

Hathras: After the Panchayat elections there was an increase in wheat purchases

HathrasAfter the Panchayat elections, wheat sourcing in the district’s state shopping centers has increased again. The arrival of wheat in shopping malls has also increased. So far, five and a half thousand farmers in the district have sold two lakh, 30,000 quintals of wheat. This means that wheat procurement has reached 40 percent. It takes … Read more

Hathras: surveillance of migrants in villages intensified – Hathras: surveillance of migrants in villages intensified

HathrasMonitoring committees have been set up by the district administration in the village’s panchayats to monitor migrants entering the district. The DM has issued instructions to the officials concerned to increase the number of monitoring committees.Migrants visiting the district are monitored daily. Information about the migrants can be obtained from the district headquarters by calling … Read more

Hathras: Prohibition of the sale of pharmaceuticals in the event of defects – Hathras: Prohibition of the sale of pharmaceuticals in the event of defects

HathrasThe sale of drugs in the district is very arbitrary. Following a similar complaint, the drug inspector inspected a medical shop on Mendu Road on Friday. During this time, many shortcomings were found here. For this reason, the sale of drugs has been banned with immediate effect. Drug inspector Deepak Kumar said there is a … Read more

Hathras: swearing by 271 princes hanging in the absence of the college. – Hathras: The swearing-in of 271 princes hung without a quorum.

HathrasCurrently, only 192 district village chiefs are sworn in by the district administration. The list of these village chiefs was drawn up by the Panchayat Raj department of the district. The remaining 271 village chiefs will be sworn in after the quorum of the Gram Panchayat is completed.It is noteworthy that the Panchayat electoral process … Read more

Fire breaks out in the fire department of the battery factory on site – Hathras: Large fire in the battery factory that burns millions of objects to ashes

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Hathras: Police launched Operation Prahar to control illegal alcohol – Hathras: Police launched Operation Prahar to stop illegal alcohol

HathrasThe police launched “Operation Prahar” to ban the illegal manufacture and sale of alcohol in the district. Below that, the police go to villages and towns and encourage people to give information about it by giving a fear certificate. Operation Prahar was launched in the district to curb the manufacture and sale of illegal alcohol … Read more

Zuma farewell prayers that were held in private homes due to Corona – Zuma farewell prayers that were offered at home due to Corona

Samvad News Agency, Hathras.On the last Friday of the month of Ramadan, Zuma’s farewell prayer was said at home this time because of Corona. During this time, few people offered prayers in the city’s mosques that followed the rules of Corona. People in Muslim society prayed for the end of the corona epidemic from the … Read more

Power worker dies while working on the poles

Samvad News Agency, Saadabad.An electrical worker from a Bareilly labor organization was hanged on Friday while climbing the power pole at the 33-11 KV power station on the city’s Marghat Road, making his condition critical. He was taken to Hathras for immediate treatment, from where he was transferred to Aligarh, but died. This created chaos … Read more