Two Covid Hospitals Examined – Two Covid Hospitals examined

Gyanpur Under the direction of DM Aryaka Akhauri, Food Safety and Deputy Commissioner Udyog Bandhu visited and examined the private Kovid Anand Hospital Aurai and Pratima Hospital Bhadohi on Monday. During this investigation, officials expressed satisfaction when sufficient amounts of oxygen and medication and a certain number of beds were found.However, the resources available at … Read more

Shopkeepers give materials to their customers by dropping shutters – shopkeepers give materials to customers by dropping shutters

Gyanpur The government has extended the curfew for Corona to May 17th in order to break the chain of the ever-growing Corona infection. During this time, there is a ban on any other business other than essential goods business, but shoplifting is indiscriminate. On the other hand, with Corona’s curfew rising again, there was a … Read more

Businessmen sent a memorandum to DM on behalf of the chief minister – businessmen sent a memorandum to DM on behalf of the chief minister

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Eight injured in traffic accidents, four seriously – eight injured in traffic accidents, three seriously

Machilishahar / Rampur. Eight people were injured in traffic accidents in various police stations in the district on Sunday. The four injured were referred to the county hospital when the condition became critical after first aid. Two more are being treated in Bhadohi’s private hospital.Two bicycles collided face to face near Mathia Tirahe on the … Read more

31 doctors found missing in Mandalayukta review – 31 doctors found missing in Mandalayukta review

Mirzapur Hospital OPD is currently closed due to covid-19. Meanwhile, Mandalayukt Yogeshwar Ram Mishra checked the presence of doctors from all three districts of Mandal on Saturday, while 31 doctors were found absent. Not only that, many also met outside of headquarters. The Mandalayuk has expressed its displeasure with this. The CMO and CMS concerned … Read more

Corona Curfew: Social distance crumbles in businesses – Corona Curfew: Social distance breaks in business

Gyanpur / Lalanagar. The corona curfew, which is being used to break the corona transition chain, is not being effectively followed in the markets. The crowds that come in after the shops open spread the social distance. Common people’s concern about traders has increased due to the increase in Corona’s curfew on Sunday through May … Read more

Panchayat election: 65 percent of votes in three grams of panchayats – Panchayat election: 65 percent of votes in three grams of panchayats.

Sitamarhi / Modha. The district’s three grams of panchayats voted in tight security for the post of leader on Sunday. The three villages recorded 65 percent polls. In Jagdishpur, the vote was suspended for half an hour due to tensions between the two parties over false votes. The vote began after an investigation by the … Read more

It rained in the morning and strong sunlight came out during the day

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The diagnostic center has a free examination for 10 days – The diagnostic center has a free examination for 10 days

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Oxygen Express reached Madhosingh on the second delivery – Oxygen Express reached Madhosingh on the second delivery

Gyanpur / Ghosia. The Oxigen Express with 40 tons of vital oxygen from Durgapur in West Bengal reached Madhosingh station on the Manduadih-Prayagraj line on the northeastern railway on Sunday morning. For this reason, the initiative of the railway officials at the station increased. There the officers unloaded more than a dozen tankers under strict … Read more