Bheed Se Bazar Guljaar – Market summing, socially distant telegram

To tie. As with the lock introduced last year, the Corona curfew is not strictly adhered to this time. The market is full of buyers mornings and evenings. On Saturday morning there was a big rush at the vegetable market in the Mandi Samiti complex. To get around social distance, most shopkeepers and shoppers don’t … Read more

Jila Panchyat Sadasya Anpadh – Panchayat District Member: Three thumbprints and four primary passports

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Chunav Ke Nateejo Ne Badhai Bjp Ki Chanta – Panchayat’s election results worry BJP

Chitrakoot The three-tier panchayat election is not a hope for the BJP, but a mirror. In addition to being a member of Panchayat district, the results of the post of prime minister can also pose a challenge for the BJP in the upcoming general election. At the same time, the election results of the BDC … Read more

Panchyato Me Lagyee Ankush – Obey Corona’s curfew and ban black marketing

To tie. District Judge Anand Kumar Singh held a meeting in the Collectorate Auditorium on Friday to prevent the crowd from coming out of Corona curfew and cracking down on the black marketeers. He said the Corona curfew should be strictly adhered to. CMO Dr. ND Sharma said 21 RRT teams and teams from 27 … Read more

Jila Hospital Me Banga Oxygen Plant – Oxygen plant to be built in the district hospital

To tie. PSA oxygen system is set up in the district hospital. DRDO, the work organization, has started work. Leveling was carried out in the selected country. The DM inspected and saw the progress of the work.On Friday, district collector Anand Kumar Singh said during the inspection that the central government is building a PSA … Read more

Jila Panchyat Sadasya Bani Jedtani – Jethani and Devrani became members of Panchayat District

Naraini (Banda). Devrani Sumanlata Patel of Ward-24 Jamwara and Rajkumari of Ward-25 Gudha fought with simplicity and defeated the aristocrats and took over the presidency of the District Panchayat member. His political standing increased when two members of the same family were elected. Neither of them spent much on the election. All of this was … Read more

Banda Panchayat election 2021 update, review report – Banda Panchayat election: results set alarm bells for BJP, assembly elections fail at trial

abstract The high command of all major political parties, including the BJP, had encouraged their cadres to argue that the Panchayat elections would take place a few months later, but the election results showed that the BSP adopted the mantra most of all. Banda Panchayat election 2021 – Photo: Amar Ujala The results of the … Read more

Chanchrakoot Panchayat Elections Update 2021 Review Report – Chitrakoot: Panchayat Election Results Heighten BJP’s Concerns. Assembly elections can also be affected

abstract The BJP also did well in the Panchayat elections in the BDC. There are 18 BJP leaders or their relatives in 21 undisputed ones. Based on the 2017 general election, the upcoming parliamentary election in 2022 is a difficult path for the BJP. Chitrakoot Panchayat Choice (File Photo) – Photo: Amar Ujala The three-stage … Read more

Agra weather today and tomorrow May month

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Two brothers become examples for humanity as they provide oxygen to corona patients

Rohit Shukla and Rahul Shukla .. – Photo: Amar Ujala In the midst of the Corona crisis, there is constant news that testifies that service, care and humanity still remain in society. Such news is a pleasant breeze in the midst of the troubling news. Today we introduce you to some of these crisis soldiers … Read more