Surendra Singh made a strange claim – Surendra Singh made a strange claim

Bairia (Ballia). MLA Surendra Singh, who is discussing with his statements, has made a special claim about Corona. They claimed they had no covid infection from regular ingestion of turmeric powder roasted in cow urine and desi ghee. Said judges, ministers, officers of Corona are dying across India. If the government had a drug, it … Read more

Ramzan – Muslim brothers offer farewell prayers in homes

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Lockdown – FIR must be registered without permission when opening the shop

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The first 87 vaccinations are now being carried out in 30 centers

Baliya. In the district, 87 centers, including the district hospital and the women’s hospital, were selected by the health department for the covid vaccination. Of these, 25 to 30 centers are vaccinated every day. Currently, around 45 to 50 centers are not vaccinated due to a lack of vaccines. In some centers, vaccination work is … Read more

A digital library is now being built in the district’s community schools

Baliya. A digital library is being built in the community schools. In the first phase, 50 English middle schools will be equipped with advanced facilities. The government is constantly striving to improve community schools along the lines of private schools.In this order, under the system of strengthening the system in other areas such as desks … Read more

CMO Giving Drugs and Oxygen to Loved Ones: Former Minister – CMO Giving Drugs and Oxygen to Favorites: Former Minister

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Do not take action against employees who are not required to vote in elections: Ashutosh Sinha – Do not take action against employees who are not required to vote in elections: Ashutosh Sinha

Newspaper stand, Amar Ujala, Varanasi Published by: Geetarjun Gautam Updated Thu May 06, 2021 9:11 PM IST SP VLC in Varanasi MLC Ashutosh Sinha has urged district judges in his constituency not to take any action against employees who do not work in the electoral service. A corresponding letter was sent to the DMs of … Read more

Hundreds of people returned because of a lack of vaccines – hundreds of people returned because of a lack of vaccines

Bairia. Due to the negligence of health ministry officials, most state hospitals, including the primary health center in the Bairia tehsil area, have not been able to reach the corona vaccine. People have big problems with it. Please note that the vaccination was canceled on Sunday and Monday due to the unavailability of the corona … Read more

Vaccination started in three centers in two days, but the vaccine ended in two hours – vaccination started in three centers in three days, but the vaccine expired in two hours

Bairia (Ballia). The corona vaccination began on Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. after two days in three centers in the block area. But by 10 a.m. the vaccine was exhausted everywhere. Large numbers of people had gathered for the vaccination. In such a situation, those who couldn’t find it had to return disappointed.The corona vaccination … Read more

A young man jumped in front of a truck and died – youth died in front of a truck

Jayaprakash Nagar (Ballia). On Tuesday afternoon, a young cyclist jumped in front of the truck in front of Yadav Nagar Basti on National Highway 31 of the Bairia Police Station and finished his first race. The responsible outpost of the Chanddiar Police received information, took the body and sent it post-mortem. Brought the truck to … Read more