Kanpur Coronavirus Cases Covid 19 Pandemic, Hallet Hospital – Kanpur: Union Minister of Health’s dream project, trapped in Halat, story of Station 50

abstract If this ward had started with 50 rooms, there would have been a system for recruiting at least 100 patients during the Corona period. The story of Ward 50 in the Halat complex is a strange one. Hallet Hospital – Photo: Social Media In the second wave of Corona there is hysteria. The third … Read more

Five-day invoice 90 thousand on plain paper – five-day invoice 90 thousand on plain paper

Kanpur landscape. Arbitrary recovery takes place in private covid hospitals. His computer bill is also not given. A victim was given a five-day bill for 90,000 rupees on plain paper.That being said, Kovid does not put the banner of the government’s tariff list outside the hospitals. It is also not obeyed. Because of this, the … Read more

Patients are inflated due to an oxygen line throttle

Kanpur landscape. The lives of serious patients admitted to Kovid Hospital are at stake. On Sunday evening, patients began to suffer from the L-Two Hospital’s oxygen throttling, causing panic in the hospital. The downside was addressed by calling the staff rushing the oxygen line. At the Kovid-el-To Hospital, a pipe was laid to supply oxygen … Read more

Four deaths from fever, 65 sick in two villages – four died of fever, 65 sick in two villages

Sandalpur A woman from the village of Dharampur and three people from the village of Jarauli died of a fever. All were treated in a private hospital. 65 people in both villages still have a fever. Those who are treated in a private hospital and in the village itself.In the village of Sandalpur Block Dharampur, … Read more

No oxygen for home isolation in Sambhal – Corona infectious people cannot get oxygen for home while home isolation

Carefully. If you have a corona, take an oximeter with you. Continue to measure the oxygen level. If the oxygen levels suddenly decrease, go to the hospital immediately as the district health department cannot provide oxygen to patients in the home while the home is isolated. This information was provided by the acting Chief Medical … Read more

Oxygen poor at Chandausi Hospital – 15 oxygenated beds available at Chandausi Government Hospital

Chandausi. There are 236 beds in corona-infected patients in private and state hospitals, but an additional 15 beds are supplied with oxygen in the government hospital in Chandausi. CMS Dr. Harvendra Singh gave this information. They said these beds will recruit patients who have not been tested for corona but may be corona positive. If … Read more

The citizens of the Vindhyavasini colony have been fighting against water treatment for years

Mirzapur The residents of the Vindhyavasini colony on Bharuhana Street have been affected by waterlogging for years. If it rains even a little, the entire street is covered with water. The large open chamber of the sewer in the middle remains fatal. While Zilla Panchayat has recently started sewer and other work, this work has … Read more

Kanpur coronavirus cases Covid 19 pandemic, important news for you

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Crowd gathered at the Govardhan Market in Mathura

Mathura Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Tue May 11, 2021 11:49 AM IST abstract During the Corona curfew, permission was given from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. to open stores with important goods. Govardhan’s market was overcrowded – Photo: Amar Ujala Stores opened in the market on Tuesday under conditions of Corona curfew in Govardhan, … Read more

Increased inflation during epidemics: Impaired household budget, life-saving drugs too expensive

Ashutosh Bhardwaj, Amar Ujala, Meerut Published by: Dimple Sirohi Updated Tue May 11, 2021 11:49 AM IST abstract Small vendors raise prices for food, oil, and refined products– Life saving drugs are also expensive due to the prevention of black marketing In the midst of the corona epidemic, the prices of important raw materials such … Read more