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Harphoul Mohini June 30, 2022 Written Episode Update: Achha calls the wedding

Harphoul Mohini June 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Mohini remembers Harphoul looking at her ring. She takes off her bracelets. Mohini says everything will happen forever. Bali and Meli apply mehndi to Mohini’s hands. Achaa says who sent this letter? i have to read it He opens and is shocked to read. Achha throws the glass startled. His wife asks what happened? He shows it to Mohini. Mohini asks what happened? He says read this. We were fooled. Mohini reads that you decent people make a mistake by marrying your daughter to Harphoul. He is known in the village as a thug. He doesn’t respect women. Achha says I won’t let you marry an idiot. Mohini says he doesn’t have a bad heart. He says he got so mad at your request. I will not send you to such a house. He can’t breathe. Mohini gives him water. She says we’ll do what you say. We can’t believe a stranger who didn’t even write his name on the letter. We have known Saroj for years. Achha says I can’t risk your life. His condition worsens.

Mohini calls Saroj. She asks what happened? She rushes to Mohini’s house and provides Achha first aid. Achha says Mohini will not marry Harphoul. She says this letter is a lie. My brother is not like that. Achha says this wedding will not take place. Don’t convince me. He comes out angry. Mai and Harphoul are waiting for Saroj. They are worried. Saroj comes home. Shalini says is it bad news? She says everything is fine. Achha’s blood pressure shot up. Mai says let me call him. Saroj says he is sleeping. She says I’ll call her tomorrow then. Shalini says she’s hiding something. Aai says shut up. Banwari calls Balwant and says your plan is working.

scene 2
Mohini gives Achha breakfast. She says I should drink coffee. I love you. She says this stranger didn’t even say anything to our faces. Saroj told her everything in her eyes that her brother doesn’t like it. Saroj calls Achha and says I can’t tell Mai. He says then I will come there and tell them. This wedding will not take place. Mohini says don’t break his heart. Mai says play music. Saroj is concerned. Shalini asks what’s going on? She says nothing. Shalini says why are your hands shaking then? I know the family was wrong. For this stupid country we had to come here. Harphoul says don’t you dare say a word about my country. it’s my mother

Harphoul goes to Mohini’s house. Mohini tells Achha that he saved me from the accident. He respects women. An idiot grabs Mohini’s bag and Chunri. Harphoul sees it. He runs after them. He hits the thugs. The idiot says we haven’t touched any of your wives. He says all women are respected. Oh hear it. He returns the Chunri. Mohini says let him. It’s Mohini. He says you… She says I can take care of myself. He says why didn’t you hit her then? Mohini beats the idiots. He says women cannot protect themselves without men. I have it. She says I can take care of myself. Mohni hits the thugs with a stick. He says if there’s any more idiots, call me for help. She says I can protect myself. Harphoul says there’s no point in talking to you. He leaves. Achha says Mohini.. He says you hit her so well. I know you can protect yourself. She says yes, I’ll get Harphoul to agree. He has ego but he has a good heart. He respects all women. His mother is very nice. He will always be by my side. Now you can trust your eyes or this dummy letter.

episode ends

Update credit to: Atiba

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