Harphoul Mohini 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shyamala sees Harphoul’s shouting video

Harphoul Mohini 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shyamala sees Harphoul’s shouting video

Harphoul Mohini 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shyamala sees Harphoul’s shouting video

Harfaul Mohini Oct 14, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Mohini and Harfaul are at the market with their family. Shyamala says can we see your fields? Harfaul says confidently. Mai says yes, let’s show them. Balwant tells Banwari that he stabbed Girdhari, but there was no one to give him the pen drive. Where has he gone? Banwari says that a cow passed by. Balwant says that he must have hidden it in his neck. Banwari says how was she? Balwant says find that cow. Balwant sees Harfaul with Mohini and his family. He is shocked.

Santok shows the land to Mohini’s family. Balwant is there. He says welcome. I have gifts for you. Mohini says don’t take anything. He says we don’t want anything. He says that Haprahaul is my nephew, I am family. Phoolmati didn’t invite me. She meets Vijayan. Mohini stops him. Balwant says you told him about this land? They are our family. Soon this land will be mine and I will make land on it. He says Harphool are you mad? He says that Harphool has an anger problem. He took Mohini to the police station. Vijayan stops him. Vijayan says how is this land of yours? Show me your papers. Balwant says what papers? They say this land belongs to Harfall. For this they will obtain the documents. He is a good man. You are not the god who decides the fate of people. They go. Balwant says I’ll give him a big scare. He laughs.

scene 2
Everyone in town gets the message. Everyone talks about Harfool. Harphool watches the video. This is the video from the day Harfaul got into a fight with Mohini over the clinic. Brunette watches video. She is surprised. They say that the women of our town cannot speak. I will die but to eat the money you earn. Shyamala says what is this? Answer to me.

Shyamala comes home angry. Mohini asks her sisters out. Harfaula Amma. She says stop. We thought you supported Mohini. Is this your support? Is that how you talk to your wife? Is our daughter respected here? Is that how she yells at her? Mohini says Amma. She says Mohini didn’t answer her. Mai says that Harphool gets angry. He thinks with his heart. Harfaul didn’t want me to work at the clinic. The mentality of the people here is small. Harphool fights over the same issue, but notices and apologizes to Mohini. No one can separate from them, they love each other. Mohini says in his heart that we are already separated. Vijayan says Harphool called and I explained. He said that he would support Mohini. People fight in marriages. Shyamala says why did you stop Harphool? I know Mohini should keep quiet. He takes time. Santok says we’re very sorry. Haprahaul will never yell at him again. Harfaul says sorry Amma. I will never yell at you again. Shyamala walks away angrily. Mohini follows him.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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