Happu Ki Ultan Paltan July 19, 2022 Written Episode Update: Black Magic Goes Wrong

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan July 19, 2022 Written Episode Update: Black Magic Goes Wrong

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan July 19, 2022 Written Episode Update: Black Magic Goes Wrong

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan July 19, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Amma telling Happu that she is thinking about asking Bahu to do khichdi tomorrow. Happu says you can’t and says if I ask her to do khichdi then she will do it but you will mock her every day. Amma says I ask her not to do khichdi until tomorrow. He burps. Amma asks if he had kachori. He asks how do you know that? Amma says she has the smell. He says he wants light food, but Manohar brings some and he eats. Amma says I’m fed up with my preferences. Happu says he’s remembering to stay fast. He belches and the belch goes into Beni and Vimlesh’s house and lights the candle. Beni, Vimlesh and Rajjo watch the candle being lit. Beni screams. Happu says he feels light now and will sleep well. Amma asks him to stay away from her. Rajjo, Beni and Vimlesh hear a noise and look out the window and door. They couldn’t see anyone. Vimlesh says I’m scared. Beni says that an evil force has come out. Rajjo asks what are we going to do? Beni says the evil force will suffice now. Rajjo is crying. Kamlesh comes into Kat’s room and tries to wake her up. Malaika wakes up and hits him. She says you come into my dream. Kamlesh says I actually came to see Kat. Malaika says I’m going to the bathroom, if I see you coming back I’ll throw you out the window. Kamlesh wakes up Kat and says he came to talk to her. Kat asks what? Kamlesh says I’m hiding something from you and asks her not to break friendship with him. Kat promises him. Kamlesh says I’m a cursed vampire. Kat says you never drink blood. Kamlesh says you’re my best friend and I don’t drink your blood. Kat says you have no teeth. Kamlesh says I’ll be an organic vampire by 12 o’clock. She begs him to go and let her sleep or she will drink his blood.

Rajjo couldn’t sleep at night. Happu wakes up and says you’re awake. She says she couldn’t sleep. Happu says it’s a miracle and asks what happened? Rajjo says I’m tired. Happu asks are you ok? Rajjo says the head hurts. Happu asks if Amma has done anything. She asks why you take Amma’s name. He says it seems you’re not feeling well. Rajjo says good night and asks him to sleep. She apologizes to God. Kat comes to the window and wonders where Kamlesh is. Kamlesh gets there in a vampire costume. Kat thinks he looks so good. Chamchi comes out the window and sees him. She is shocked and runs inside. Kat says why do you wear a coat in hot weather? Kamlesh says he’s a vampire. Kat says I can’t come down. Some men come there. Kamlesh comes towards them. One of them faints while others cry. Malaika, Ranbir and Hritik look at her. Kamlesh disappears and then reappears. He bites and drinks the man’s blood, killing him. Kat is shocked and says Kamlesh is a vampire, OMG. She screams and goes inside. Malaika asks what is this drama? Hritik says Kamlesh is a vampire. Malaika says you’ve gone insane? Chamchi says Kamlesh drank that man’s blood and he passed out. Malaika says he can’t do anything. Kamlesh looks away from Kat and takes out his false teeth and gives money to the men who helped him with his plan. You go. Malaika, Ranbir and others are witnesses.

Beni, Vimlesh and Rajjo go to Tantrik. Tantrik says the candle is lit and says he feels he can’t do the work. Rajjo says I entered while they were doing the vidhi. Tantrik says you can’t do it without paying the fees. Beni and others ask her about the whereabouts of the evil forces. Tantrik says you have to play for it. Vimlesh says we are pros at the games. Tantrik asks her to play a music chair game and says whoever sits on that chair last, there will be an evil force in that person. He asks her to tell him about this person and asks for Rs 10000. Beni gives him money.

Prelude: Hritik asks why the music chair game is being played. Rajjo says we haven’t played for a long time, that’s why we organized this game. Ranbir and Happu are the last to play the game. current goes. Happu is sitting on the chair.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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