Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22 April 2022 Written Update: Rakka shoots Happu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22 April 2022 Written Update: Rakka shoots Happu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22 April 2022 Written Update: Rakka shoots Happu

Episode starts with Katori Amma, Rajjo feeling restless. Ranveer comes saying that Happu is getting a call. Katori Amma says Happu is an idiot, asks him to do his work. DIG says ask Happu to bring my bill at 10 o’clock. I am busy in meeting. He says I will send him BIL’s photo. Amma says fine. Amma tells everything to everyone. Ranveer says Happu is useful. Rajjo gets an idea. She removes the picture and says we will fool Happu and tell the whole plan to everyone. Amma praises him.

The next day Rajjo asks the children to have food. She asks Happu why don’t you go to the police station? Happu says I have doubts about Rakka. Amma slaps you, Happu. Benny comes saying that I will give you information about Rakka. Happu asks her not to disturb me this time. Benny says I got tip from near family. He says that Raqqa is coming to the airport, and shows her the photo. Amma says grab Rakka. Happu leaves. Everyone praises Benny’s acting skills.

At the police station, the DIG is waiting for Happu, as he is getting late to bring his bill. Happu brings DIG’s bill. DIG says he is not Rakka but my BIL Bittu. Manohar says Happu is making up stories. Bittu says Happu hit me black and blue. Happu tries to convince DIG that Bittu is Rakka, but DIG scolds him saying that I told Happu’s family about Bittu. Bittu asks DIG to punish Happu. DIG tells Happu that you have been dismissed from the job.

At home the whole family argues about how they fooled Happu and we escape from Rakka. Rakka comes to ask for Happu. Beni gets scared seeing Rakka. Happu hides. Rakka says I am the best goonda. Rakka calls Happu will he arrest me. Amma says Happu is scared, he will not arrest you. Rakka calls Rajjo and Amma as Happu at gunpoint. Happu comes scolding Rakka. Benny asks Rakka not to do this. Rakka shoots at Happu, and Rakka gets hit by the utensils. Happu falls and everyone cries Happu wakes up saying that I have escaped from Devi Maa locket.
The DIG and Manohar arrived, found Rakka unconscious. DIG says I will neither demote nor promote you. They both take Raqqa.
Happu asks about BIL received call from DIG. Everyone gets naughty. Beni asks Rajjo to feed us. Amma hugs Happu

Precap:- Happu and Reshpal go to catch the goon, but fail to do so. His high command officers demote Happu and Reshpal as Havildars.

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