Episode starts with Happu and Benny drinking alcohol and discussing about their romantic life is getting monotonous these days. Benny says we are missing spark in our life. Happu says we have lost romance in our married life.

Happu goes and prepares the room for romance. Rajjo scolds the milkman for spoiling the milk. Happu holds her close to him.
Benny admires Vimlesh and tries to be romantic, but gets clean bold.
Happu and Rajjo talk while Happu reads the poem, but Rajjo falls asleep.
Vimlesh asks Beni to recite the poem, he does so and uses the word Roshini for the poem, which enrages Vimlesh, and they both get into a fight.

Next day Amma and Happu discuss about keeping cow and buffalo for pure milk. Children ask for lunch. Rajjo gives Amma tea, and the rest gives lunch to their children. Hrithik, Chamchi, Ranveer complain about food, Rajjo asks Malaika to bring her jewellery.

Happu further asks for good paan. Benny and Happu discuss about their failed romantic night. Happu discusses that Manohar advised him to meet someone whose advice escalated Manohar’s romantic life. Benny agrees to meet the man.

Later Happu and family celebrated Ram Navami.

Precap :- Benny and Happu meet the man who advises them to treat their wives like gf/bf and take them out for dinner.

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