Rajjo asks why did he bring her in, I need to go shopping for the wedding. Happu asks her to relax and think what else she needs. Rajjo says I want bangles. Happu asks more than this. Rajjo says dress. Happu says think more. Rajjo says new phone. Happu says think more. Rajjo says money. Happu talks about being romantic without anyone. Let’s take advantage of this marriage. Rajjo asks for the lie. Happu says that he tells such a lie which no one can catch. he agrees.

Happu asks Manohar about the whereabouts of the commissioner. Happu says that he needs leave as he has to attend a wedding. The commissioner comes and asks about all his files and work. Happu asks about leave to attend the wedding. The commissioner taunted for not working, there can be no leave. Happu says Manohar can work at his place. Manohar becomes ️ but the commissioner denies. Rusa comes, asks the commissioner to attend the wedding without any drama at our native place. The commissioner tries to refuse, but Rusa threatens him, so he agrees. Now Happu taunts her and asks about leave. The commissioner agrees saying that we will work for the family as well.

Kat and Kamlesh meet. Kamlesh asked about the film. But Kat says that I am going out to attend the wedding. Kamlesh says I get bored without you. Kat asked her to enjoy and come with me.

Amma, Rajjo and Vimlesh worship Shiva and seek Shiva’s blessings. Amma ji praises his DIL and tells him to fast, Shivaratri Puja is equivalent to fasting for 16 Mondays. Rajjo, Vimlesh and Amma enjoying during the puja.

Amma waits to go to the wedding. Benny says you are big, you will enjoy other services. Amma slaps him, but Happu gets slapped when Benny goes to one side.

Chamchi, Hrithik and Ranveer show their clothes. Hrithik and Chamchi fight. Vimlesh showed his outfit. Amma teases him. Benny tells her not to get angry, else she will send me to buy a new one. Amma asks about Rajjo. Rajjo says I have many clothes. No one believes that Rajjo lies. Rajjo says I will wear my wedding dress. She stands up to fetch milk for the children, and she faints.
The doctor examines him. Beni and Vimlesh get restless asking what happened to her. Happu and Rajjo try to signal the doctor but he does not understand. Benny says maybe she is stressed. Doctor says I will call Agra mental hospital as mental patient case. Vimlesh scolds her. Happu sends Beni and Vimlesh out, and asks the doctor to lie about his illness. Happu bribes him, tells Rajjo to make him ill for 1 week.

Precap:- The doctor told that Rajjo’s health is not well, she cannot travel. Happu and Rajjo enjoy but are interrupted by Kamlesh.

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