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Government Fencing Scheme: The government has brought a new scheme for the farmers, 40 thousand rupees are available in a few days. ,


The government has run many schemes at the central and state level to provide financial help to the farmers of the country. Under these government schemes, farmers are provided financial help for various needs. One of these schemes is the Tarbandi scheme. Under the Tarbandi scheme, financial assistance is given for the purpose of fencing the fields to save the crop from animals. Government Fencing Scheme

Under the Sarkari Tarbandi scheme, the government gives financial assistance of 50 percent of the total amount or maximum of Rs 40,000 to small and marginal farmers. Farmer brothers can take full advantage of this scheme, so its modalities have also been kept very easy. Government Fencing Scheme

Actually, there is a lot of terror of stray animals in many parts of the country and the state. They destroy standing crops. Due to this the farmers have to suffer a lot. In view of this, the government has brought a new scheme in the interest of farmers, which has been named as Tarbandi Scheme. Under this scheme, arrangements have been made to provide financial assistance of maximum Rs 40,000 to the farmers. To take advantage of this scheme, a procedure has also been prepared. Its purpose is to protect crops from wild animals as well as stray animals and to keep farmers safe from economic losses. Government Fencing Scheme

These farmers can take advantage of Tarbandi scheme: Government Fencing Scheme

Under the Tarbandi scheme, it is mandatory for the farmers to be a permanent resident of the respective state. Also, farmers taking advantage of the scheme must have 0.5 hectares of cultivable land. Apart from this, farmers should also have a bank account, because the money coming under the scheme will go directly to the bank account. It is worth noting that if a farmer is taking advantage of any other scheme, then he will not be eligible for the Tarbandi scheme. Government Fencing Scheme

It is necessary to have these documents: Government Fencing Scheme

– Aadhar Card
– identity card

– Address proof
– land encroachment

– mobile number
– passport photo

– Ration card
Bank account details. Government Fencing Scheme



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