Go through this mode 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pramod demands partition of the house

Go through this mode 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pramod demands partition of the house

Go through this mode 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pramod demands partition of the house

From this mode go to the written episode of 18 April 2022, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Pramod brings bags to drop home with his family and Sushma and taunts Vinod so that he can be happy with his IAS daughter Paragi. Abhay says that he is not coming with Pramod and will stay at his friend’s house. Paragi begs Vinod to stop them as home is family. Vinod asks why she is supporting him even after all this. Paragi says Pramod and Baby made a mistake, then why did Sushma and Abhay have to leave the house. Sushma tells him not to support him. Paragi says telling truth is not supporting, they can clear the misunderstanding by staying under one roof and misunderstanding will increase if they stay apart. She asks Vinod how he will live without Sushma. Vinod says this house is not only his and they all can stay here. Sanjay stops Sushma while Paragi and Ashi convince Abhay to stay. Pramod thinks that Paragi has insulted him and now acting in her favor by letting him stay in his house, he will take revenge on her.

Paragi receives a message that his request to revoke his suspension is being rejected. She informs Sanjay about this and goes to meet Batra. Sanjay feels that Paragi has suffered a lot because of both the families and now it is time to teach them a lesson.

Atul and Shiv do all the household chores on Chanda’s orders and get tired. Kinkar reminds them that he had already warned them not to cheat Chanda and Paragi, but they did not listen and now they are working as maids in their own house. Shiva warns him not to lecture. Chanda warns Atul and Shiva that if they want to eat they will have to work. After some time, she orders Atul to work at their sweet shop and asks Shiva to go shopping with her.

Paragi visits Batra’s office where Batra informs her that her family will have to accept their wrongdoings if she wants to rejoin her duty. She says that she does not want to file a case against her family members. He asks her to wait till these rumors are over and says that she was trained to protect the innocent, but she is protecting the criminals. He further tells her that the minister will decide when she will join her duty and suggests her to meet the minister once. Paragi tells Sanjay about Batra’s suggestion and says that she cannot tell the truth to the minister. He convinces her to tell the truth to the minister to remind her how hard she has worked to get this job.

On the other hand, Pramod is disappointed when Tia’s father Vermaji does not pick up his phone and worries whether the university will be caught in the cheating case. Paragi and Sanjay meet the minister and tell him the truth. Sanjay pleads with the minister to return Paragi’s job. Paragi told the minister that she did not want to file a case against her family members. Later, she gives sweets to Vinod and tells him that she can rejoin his work. He becomes happy and accepts sweets from her

Frustrated Pramod snatches the sweet box from her and throws it away. He says that Paragi told the truth to the minister to get his job back. Sanjay warns Pramod that he has no right to accuse Paragi as he had convinced her to tell the truth to the minister. Vinod supported Paragi. Pramod alleges that investors withdrew from their university projects because of Paragi. Sanjay says Pramod should blame himself for all this. Pramod surprised everyone by saying that he earned more than anyone else in the tghir family. Vinod reminds her that he got the loan not Pramod but because of his goodwill and orders him to leave the house. Pramod demands partition of the house and refuses to leave the house leaving everyone in shock.

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