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Virat ordered Sai to leave. Pakhi ruthlessly asks Sai that if she didn’t listen to Virat, she should get out now. Virat again warns her to stop interfering in his life as all of them spoiled her life. Sai gives him water. He pushes her away and asks who gave her the right to touch. Sai apologizes to her for doubting her and says that if she had listened to Shruti, she would not have made a mistake and would not have been guilty. He says that he doesn’t want to hear what he did and didn’t do. Sai begs her to let him take care of her. He gets panic attack. She gets worried. He pushes her away again and says that if she wanted to take care of her, why did he send her away when he came to take care of her and divorced her; Although she saved her job with her divorce certificate, she said she followed the final rights of their relationship; She learns as a medical student that there is no reincarnation and that the relationship is completely over.

Sai keeps pleading her to forgive and asks why he had come to save her from Sada if she doesn’t care about anyone. He says that she did as humanity and says that if she stays here, she will leave from here. She asks if they can resume their old bonding’s sake. He says that he never trusted her even as a best friend. She says that she will do anything to gain his trust. He asks her to leave from there and leaves her alone. Bhavani asks Sai if she understands Hindi, she should leave from here. The emperor asks him not to disturb his brother and leave. Sai goes outside. Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam.. The song is playing in the background.

Virat tries to press the alarm bell to call the nurse. Pakhi tries to help her but stops seeing the family. Samrat asks if he wants to call the nurse and presses the alarm. Virat asks the nurse to send them all out. They walk outside. Sai remembers Virat’s words and walks towards the door. Bhavani and Pakhi tongue whipping and taunting him. When Sai is leaving, the emperor tells him to stop his taunts. They continued. Sai says that she took the job of observership to look after Virat. Bhavani says Virat proved that he is stranger to her. Sai says Virat proved what she is to him by saving her and she knows what she should do next, they should stop wasting their precious words on her as this is not Chavan residence.

Sai cries sitting in the cafeteria. Pulkit goes to her and asks the reason. Sai says Virat doesn’t want to see her face. Pulkit says that he should not mind Virat’s bitter words as he is mentally tense. Sai says luck plays a good game, she was not trusting Virag and now she doesn’t trust him when she felt guilty and apologizes to him. He suggests her to give some time to Virat as he is angry. Sai says that he said everything in his conscience and said that he does not want to see her face again. Pulkit says that Virat loves her and will realize it once his anger subsides.

Bhavani and Pakhi tell Sonali and others how Virat sent Sai out. They are all happy that Sai is out of Virat’s life. Ninad asks if they can meet Virat. Samrat says they should wait for some time. Bhavani says Virat took the outsider out, so they can wait till his condition becomes stable. Sai continues to pour her heart out. Pulkit consoles her to be patient and leave. Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam.. The song is playing in the background.

Precap: Bhavani tells Virat that he proved that Chavan family is his family. Virat says that he has left the family who rejected him and confronts everyone by repeating his point.

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