Get 25 Lakh Fund: The government is giving 25 lakh rupees to the youth, by giving an idea, get a funding of 25-25 lakh rupees. ,


The best 10 ideas will get 25 lakhs: The ideas sent from the states will be selected at the national level. The 10 best ideas finally selected will get seed funding of Rs 25 lakh each along with one year incubation support from French Tech. Apart from this, the best five entries selected at the state level will also get financial support under the Swachh Bharat Mission. Get 25 Lakh Fund

In order to promote technology and new ideas in the field of sanitation, the time-limit of the Clean Tech Challenge started among urban bodies across the country has been extended. Now interested startup companies or educational institutions can send their ideas to the local bodies by January 13. Its deadline ended on January 6 itself, which has been extended in view of Corona. Urban bodies have also been given additional time. Now the jury team constituted in the bodies will select a maximum of two entries from each body by January 20 and upload them on the cleanliness platform by January 21. Get 25 Lakh Fund

Such should be the cleanliness idea: Get 25 Lakh Fund

  • To create better working conditions for the sanitation workers. Better waste collection and management at less cost.
  • Door to door monitoring of solid waste collection. Processing and Recycling. Get 25 Lakh Fund
  • Alternative to single use plastic. Innovative methods for the collection and disposal of multilayered plastics.
  • Digital monitoring and resolution of septic tank and sewer line overflow checks. Real time monitoring of cleanliness. Get 25 Lakh Fund



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