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5 Brides Who Chose Pastel Bridal Wear

5 Brides Who Chose Pastel Bridal Wear

For a bride, her wedding day is one of the most special days of her life. She wishes to enliven the beautiful memory of this treasured day with love, laughter and celebration. After all, it is the day his new life begins. A very important part of this day? The dress she wears. Arguably, it’s even more important than the groom (just kidding, but bridal fashion is serious business!) Every bride wants to look beautiful, perfect, and class-different. Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a cumbersome process. Your life sucks by making hundreds of rounds of shops and tailors. Still, it’s all worth it because your bridal outfit tells a story, the story of your love and your new journey. Often we associate red color with brides. However, over the years, our cutest Bollywood brides have broken this stereotype and opted for soothing and bright pastel shades! Nonetheless, brides are beautiful in whatever outfit they choose to wear. So from our latest bridesmaid Alia Bhatt to Anushka Sharma, here are some brides who went pastel colors for their wedding dresses.

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