Free Ration Scheme: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered the officials that there should not be any disturbance in the distribution of free ration in UP. Not a single eligible person should be deprived of free food grains. The Chief Minister clearly said that no mistake will be accepted in this.

Free Ration Scheme: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the free ration scheme available in the state should be run properly. There should not be any mistake anywhere in this. The work of distribution of free food grains should be kept smooth. Not a single eligible person should be deprived of free ration, it is the responsibility of the officials.

The Chief Minister, in a meeting with Team 9 in Lucknow, said that under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, more than 24 crore doses of Kovid vaccine have been administered in the state so far, as well as more than 9 crore 72 lakh samples have been tested. . This is the highest testing-vaccination done in any one state of the country. Greetings to our health workers, frontline workers, monitoring committees, local administration and all those who took the vaccine cover with enthusiasm. Now the defeat of Corona is certain.

Orders also given on TET:

The Chief Minister said that all preparations should be examined for the systematic conduct of the proposed Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) on 23 January. If any Kovid positive candidate is willing to take the exam, then separate arrangements should be made for him. A Kovid Care Center should be established at every centre. In view of Teacher Eligibility Test (TET), all necessary security arrangements should be made. An incident like form leak will not be acceptable at all. For any disorder or untoward incident, the responsibility of the concerned District Magistrate, BSA, Examination Center in-charge, will be fixed. Suspicious / chaotic elements should be kept under watch.

Talks to be done in the districts:

He said that more than 96% people above the age of 18 years have received the first dose of the vaccine in the state. More than 62% people have taken both the doses of Kovid vaccine. As of last day, about 48 adolescents in the age group of 15-17 years have received the vaccine cover and more than 45% of the eligible people have also received pre-concussion doses. Now we are giving vaccine cover to an average of 25 lakh people every day, this capacity should be increased to 30 lakh daily. Communicate with the districts which are slow in vaccination. Special effort needs to be made here.

Officials said that 02 lakh 47 thousand 845 corona tests were done in 24 hours, in which 18,554 new corona positives were found. In the same period, 19,328 people have also been cured of corona by getting treatment. At present, the total active cases are 97 thousand 329. This infection is like a viral fever. So there is no need to be afraid of it, but all precautions must be taken.

Everyone will have training:

He said that health workers should be properly trained for the proposed state-wide door-to-door screening campaign in the coming week. In the last wave, with the support of our monitoring committees, we did door-to-door screening, which helped in covid control. Similar effort is needed this time also. In this program, monitoring committees / health workers reach door to door. Identify people with symptoms. Get tests done as needed. And provide medical kit to every suspected patient. Create a list of people with incomplete vaccine covers.

The Chief Minister said that the Integrated Kovid Command Centers should be fully active. Regular meeting of District Magistrate, CDO and CMO should be held in ICCC only. Separate numbers should be issued for home isolation patients, communication with monitoring committees, need for ambulance and teleconsultation. Teleconsultation facility should be made available to the people.



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