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Registration of crop assistance scheme has started for Rabi farmers in Bihar. For this, wheat farmers will be able to register themselves till 26 February. Different dates have been fixed for different crops. Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

If there is time till January 31 for potato farmers, then the farmers of Arhar will be able to register till March 28. Registration time for mustard has ended. For this, the last date was fixed for February 28. Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

Date of registration according to the period of harvest: Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

The payment of the last Rabi scheme, which is stuck in the clutches of the Finance Department, is also now in the final stage. For this the government has given full money. The department has also distributed 17.5 crores out of four lakh 66 thousand among about four lakh 21 thousand farmers. The registration of this year’s Kharif scheme has been completed. 15.66 lakh farmers have registered. The number of beneficiaries will be decided after the harvest report is received. The report is expected next month. Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

Meanwhile, the government has started taking registration of farmers for the current Rabi crop. Till now 3.68 lakh farmers have got their registration done. The government has fixed the date of registration according to the duration of the crop. Apart from potato and wheat, the time for registration is 26 February for maize, 31 January for gram, 15 February for lentils, 28 February for cane and 15 February for onions. Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

Farmers get help in case of crop damage: Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

The state government had started its crop assistance scheme three years ago in place of the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana. In this new scheme, if the production is less than one percent of the average, then the government gives assistance to the farmers. If there is a loss of one to 20 percent of the crop, then the assistance of seven and a half thousand rupees per hectare is given to the farmers. If the damage exceeds 20 percent, then the amount of grant-in-aid is ten thousand rupees per hectare. Farmers are compensated for a maximum area of ​​two hectares. Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

Important information about the scheme: Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

scheme name Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme (Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayta Yojna – FSY)
Department Name cooperative Department
State A state in Eastern India
Crop Type Rabi
names of rabi crops Wheat, Rabi Corn, Lentil, Arhar, Gram, Sugarcane, Potato, Mustard and Onion
Application date 03 December 2021 to 28 March 2022
Website https://pacsonline.bih.nic.in/fsy/
Toll free number for more details 1800 1800 110/ 0612 2200693 Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

Last date for registration according to crops: Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

  • Wheat :- 26.02.2022
  • Rabi Corn :- 26.02.2022
  • Chana:- 31.01.2022
  • Lentil :- 15.02.2022
  • Arhar :- 28.03.2021
  • Mustard- Mustard :- 31.12.2021
  • Reed :- 28.02.2022
  • Onion :- 15.02.2022
  • Potato :- 31.01.2022 Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

Documents required for online application/registration:

ryot farmer non ryot farmer
1. Aadhaar number (for registration). 1. AADHAAR NUMBER (for registration.
2. Aadhar Registered Mobile Number (For OTP) 2. Aadhar Registered Mobile Number (For OTP)
3. Aadhaar relation bank account details. 3. Aadhaar relation bank account details.
4. Updated land ownership certificate or revenue receipt (issued after March 31, 2021) 4. Self-declaration letter (sealed and attested by ward member / attested by agricultural advisor).
5. Self-affirmation letter – (correct and complete details of selected crop and sowing area) 5. Photograph of the applicant
6. Photograph of the applicant 6. Only one application per family is valid Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

Salient Features of Crop Assistance Scheme: Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

  • online registration facility
  • For all ryot, non-ryot and partly both non and non-ryot category of farmers.
  • All major Rabi crops included
  • Free Registration and Registration Process
  • Rs.7500 per hectare (in case of damage up to 20%)
  • 10000 per hectare (in case of damage more than 20%) Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

HOW TO APPLY: Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online

Online registration / application of Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme Rabi 2021-22 is started. Departmental Portal of Cooperation Department https://www.pacsonline.bih.nic.in/fsy/ But applicants can register under the Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme. Fasal Sahayata Yojana Online



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