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Farmers enjoyed, now sugarcane will be twice the price

FRP for Sugar Cane: Before launching the 12th installment (12th installment from the central government), the central government has given a big gift to the farmers. To increase farmers’ income, the Modi government has increased the price of sugar cane by 2.6 percent and farmers will now receive Rs 15 more per quintal of sugar cane in the coming sugar season. This will increase the income of the sugar cane growers to nearly twice its cost. The government has made another big decision to increase farmers’ income. The Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has raised the Fair and Remuneration Price (FRP) for sugarcane by Rs 15 to Rs 305 per quintal. In other words, twice as much money as its cost will now enter the farmers’ account.

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In the cabinet, the government has increased the FRP to increase the income of farmers. In fact, FRP is the price from which farmers cannot be paid at a lower price. That is, according to this, now the farmers will get a guaranteed price of Rs 305 per quintal of sugar cane.

This price has been implemented for the 2022-23 sugar campaign (October-September). The Consumer Ministry has advised that for every 0.1 percent increase in FRP recovery above 10.25 percent, a premium of Rs 3.05 per quintal will also be given, while for every 0.1 percent decrease in recovery, the FRP will be reduced by Rs 3.05. Not only that, the government has said that in the case of sugar mills no deduction will be made if the recovery rate is less than 9.5 percent.

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The ministry said that in the 2022-23 sugar season, the production cost of sugar cane is estimated at Rs 162 per quintal, while farmers will receive Rs 305 per quintal, which is 88 per cent more than its production cost. production. start to come In the current sugar season, the price of sugar cane is Rs 290 per quintal. And now with the rise of FRP, the income of the pipers will almost double.

The central government’s awareness of raising farmers’ incomes can be gauged by the fact that the Modi government has increased the guarantee price of sugarcane by 34 percent in the last eight years. There is a possibility to purchase 3,600 lakh tons of sugarcane. . In such a situation, around Rs 1.20 lakh crore will be paid to the farmers in the next session. That is, the income of farmers will increase again.

The government has said that in addition to increasing the price of sugarcane, we are also making sure that farmers get paid on time. Let us tell you that this government decision will directly benefit 5 crore of farmers in the country. Along with this, 5 lakh laborers working in sugar mills will also get their benefit.

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