Farmers will be able to build their own warehouse, will get grant: Farmers in rural areas will now be able to build their own warehouse. Farmers will be able to build small godowns for safe storage of food grains. For this they will be given a grant. 5 lakh for the general category or 50% of the cost, whichever is less, the grant will be available. SC/ST will get 9 lakh or 75 percent of the cost, whichever is less. Farmer Godown Yojana

Farmers will get benefit: Most of the farmers do not have godowns. Farmers are unable to withhold crops for long. The crop is cheap during the season, but the prices increase later. In the absence of godowns, farmers sell their crops in the open market. In this case there is a loss. If you have your own godown, you will be able to store grains. Seeing the trend of the market, you will be able to sell grains. Farmer Godown Yojana

Godown construction in 400 pax will be completed this year to increase the grain storage capacity. 105 crore is being spent for this. 28 crore and 33 crore have been made available in two installments. The rest will also be released this month. According to the provision, the construction work is completed by the packs after getting the technical approval from the engineer of the building construction department to the model fixed for a safe and durable warehouse. Monitoring is also done at the level of Engineer. Farmer Godown Yojana

Grain storage capacity 13 lakh 11 thousand tonnes: According to Cooperation Secretary Vandana Preyshi, there are 6,600 godowns out of a total of 8,463 packs in the state. The storage capacity is 13 lakh 11 thousand tonnes. With the construction of new godowns, 1.5 lakh tonnes of storage capacity will be created. Preference is being given for construction of godowns of capacity 500 ton and 1000 ton in PACS where sufficient land is available. 14 lakh for 200 ton capacity godown construction, Rs 32 lakh for 500 ton and Rs 58 lakh for 1000 ton capacity. In special circumstances, where PACS has less land, a godown with a storage capacity of 200 tonnes is allowed. Farmer Godown Yojana



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