Faltu 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Ayaan gets relieved by Faltu’s news

Faltu 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Ayaan gets relieved by Faltu’s news

Faltu 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Ayaan gets relieved by Faltu’s news

Faltu Dec 31, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Janardhan asking Ayaan if you are alright. She says that guests have come to receive you. He asks Dadi to come with him. He asks Harsh to take care of Ayaan. Dadi says that everything will be fine. Bua says that I will stay with Ayaan. Bua asks Ayaan to eat something. She asks him to share her feelings with her. Ayaan says that something is bothering me, I don’t remember, when Pappi hit my head, I fell into Faltu’s arms, and before I passed out I saw vermilion in her demand. Bua asks what do you say, you said you didn’t allow Pappi and her to get married. He says I don’t remember right, but there was sindoor in his maang. Bua says no, that it may be an illusion, Vermilion fills up with her husband, who fills her demand. Ayaan thinks I fulfilled her demand. She asks him not to worry. She says it will be clear when I have extra, I won’t let anything go wrong.

A man looks at the extravagance and smiles. Faltu says take me to the hospital, my sight is gone, call my dad and tell him the name of this place. The man says that I think he is lying. She says no, I swear, the doctor told me to do the treatment earlier, but I couldn’t do it. The man asks her if she ran away from the marriage. she says no. The man says we can’t trust you. She says that I really need your help. She says that we will hand you over to the police. She says take me to the police station, I’ll call my father from there. The man says yes, we’ll take her. The other man holds her up and says I’ll take her. he refuses. The man says that she doesn’t want to go with you. He asks you where your husband is, you look just married. She remembers Sindoor.

The man says that maybe he ran away knowing his blindness, don’t worry, he’ll come back. She says please take me to the police station. Tanisha receives the best wishes from the guests. Ayesha says that Ayaan will join you now. Tanisha nods. She looks at Kanika. Tanisha says that we should help Faltu, this will take the stress out of Ayaan. Kanika says you’re justifying her. Tanisha says no, I’m trying to make her understand, just think of Faltu’s parents, think of Mart, we’re helping her and our business, Ayaan and I think it’s my fault. Kanika says I know you trust him, I said this because I care about you, I want your relationship to be strong, I won’t complain if you are happy with him.

The truckers take Faltu to the police station. They tell everything. The inspector asks Faltu what his problem is. Faltu says my name is Faltu. they laughed. She says that I will tell you everything, she calls my dad first. The man says that I think she is trying to trick you. The lady inspector says we’ll do our job, just go away.

Faltu asks them to call his father or brother. Constable says this is closed as well. The policeman asks him if he is a member of the gang of robbers. She says no, I lost my sight, believe me. The inspector asks him to call a few more numbers, is there a trustworthy man? He thinks I can’t bother Ayaan. The inspector asks him to leave. She receives a call from the major. Senior asks him to find Faltu Singh, give priority to the case, it is the case of Mittal. The inspector says that he is in our custody. She asks him to sit down. She says that you didn’t say that you are related to Mittal, Ayaan is becoming a big businessman, a car is coming to pick you up. Faltu thinks this can’t happen, Ayaan must not know about my blindness, I have to go. Dadi says we have to go now. Tanisha says that Faltu has it, that he is coming home, ask him everything. Ayaan gets happy and thanks him. She says that my problem is that you haven’t eaten anything so far, eat with me. He says that I agree, if dad and Kanika say something frivolous then… She says relax, I’ll say that I called her. He smiles and hugs her. He thanked her. She asks him to come. She removes the bandage and says I’m fine now. He says that this will be our first dinner after the marriage. Faltu thinks how to leave. She says don’t worry about me, I’ll go. Constable says you can’t see, if you fall then we’re going to answer Mittal.

Faltu says explain the way to me, I will go. The bailiff guides him. He gets wasted and hurt. She thinks of getting out somehow. She leaves. The policeman looks for him. She asks where is that girl. The lady says I just went there and you called me. Faltu says sorry Ayaan, I can’t see you in trouble.

Faltu thinks I didn’t think I would have Ayaan’s sindoor. Ayan sees her with Sindoor and asks why did you marry Pappi. He scolds her and says that she hate you. She says that I wish I could say how helpless I am.

Update Credits: Amina

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