Faltu 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu’s big day

Faltu 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu’s big day

Faltu 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu’s big day

Faltu Jan 28, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Faltu lying to the family. She thinks that today I was saved, but what will I do next time? Kanika asks Tanisha to pay by check. Tanisha says no, I don’t want Ayaan to know the truth, someone has sent Ayaan a useless confession video. Sid says I’ll find out. Tanisha says that Ayan shouldn’t know this, thanks for giving me money at short notice. Kanika says that at any time, everything is yours. Ayaan asks why the donor’s name isn’t listed. Faltu and her family perform the puja for the operation. she prays Sid and Tanisha arrive at the hospital. She says that Ayaan is very upset. Sid spots Ayaan and hides him. She asks what are they doing here. Sid says that he can see us. He thinks I won’t let you start over. He asks if Ayan knows about you, that you are the giver of the extravagance. she says no The man says a record is missing, I have to update it, who is the donor of Faltu. She says it means Ayaan doesn’t know anything, we can’t afford to go in now, what should we do?

She calls the doctor and asks him to tell her the doctor’s name, Anusha Raichand. The doctor lies to the man and fires him. Tanisha and Sid give the doctor money. The man tells Ayaan about the donor, Anusha Raichand. Ayaan says that it means that Tanisha and Sid had nothing to do with it.

Lajwanti prepares extravagance. Jamuna cries. Charan says that I will call you at the hospital after Faltu’s operation, happy days will come, don’t worry. Charan asks Faltu not to worry. He says I’ll stay with you until your operation is over, I won’t come home until you come home. Jamuna lights a lamp unnecessarily. She cries and prays in vain. Charan and Pratap take her away. Ayaan gets ready. Tanisha asks where you are going. She lies about a meeting and leaves. She says I know you are going to meet Faltu it’s good she go there and see what a precious gift I gave Faltu I returned her eyes you can never repay my favor. Sid asks where did Ayaan go, to the hospital? She says yes, she sends your man and find out why Ayan did it there. Sid says I’ll talk. Charan and Pratap take Faltu to the hospital.

The nurse asked her to sign a form. Charan says to leave everything in God’s hands. Faltu cries and asks if I will be alright. He says yes, don’t worry. She worries and says don’t leave me. She says that we are here, we will wait for you outside. Ayaan arrives at the hospital and asks about the details of Faltu’s operation. The nurse asks about her relationship. She says that I am her friend. She says just call her relative here, then I can give her the information.

Charan and Pratap see Ayaan. Pratap says that Faltu told us not to meet him. Charan says that I won’t leave her, that we won’t be scared. Ayan questions Charan about Faltu. Charan says that Faltu told you not to meet her, forgive us. Faltu remembers Ayaan. Ayaan says that I always tried to help Faltu. Charan scolds her. Ayaan says that I left my marriage and went to save Faltu, you are blaming me. Charan says forgive us, be happy in your married life, there is no need to think about us, Faltu paid a high price to come here, don’t make his life hell, calm down. Ayan is sad.

Ayaan drives the car angrily. Unnecessary BP goes down. Ayaan meets with an accident.

Update Credits: Amina

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