Falling head over heels for a magician Riansh ff- Neil

Falling head over heels for a magician Riansh ff- Neil

Falling head over heels for a magician Riansh ff- Neil

Recap: Hayden becomes Dark Lord with Alga’s help along with Ahana and Ragini. Gaurav is killed by Neel during sunset. Vansh has vowed to avenge everyone. Shivaay is chosen as the leader for the magician struggle. Vansh and Ridhima’s marriage is fixed.

Chapter 34 Nile

Neil runs happily in the woods with his head covered in a hoodie. He freaks out as he heads to Hayden’s mansion
Neil: Arghh…Vansh Rai Singhania…..You survived this time but it will not repeat. Your death is inevitable, you will die soon. And Ridhima Sharma your family will cease to exist. I’ll make sure the dark lord gets whatever he wants.
He roars in the air as he pushes the gates of the mansion with such force and there is a storm in the mansion. Hayden is waiting for her at the door. Seeing Neil, he hugs her and pats her back happily.
Hadan: Well done my boy, you have proved that you are Nagesh ji’s student. Sir you will be very proud.
Neil: But I managed to kill Vansh not that pride
Hayden laughs
Hayden: I guessed it only when I wanted you to kill the Vansh
Algae: What?
Hayden: Yes. Vansh cannot be killed until we kill Riddhima. No one can kill Vansh as long as he is alive.
Algae: Then why haven’t you killed him yet?
Hayden: Fool, don’t you remember Shivaay’s betrayal, later I wanted his blood so he’s still alive
Neil: Then order me sir, I will kill him for you
Hayden: Your next task is yaar, Riddhima and Vansh’s engagement is over, they will be enjoying their wedding very soon..its last day
Ahana: Marriage right after Gaurav’s death? would it be?
Hayden: Shivaay is with him now and I know he will do it no matter who dies because Gaurav must have instructed him so.
Neil: I will finish it and report back sir
He bows to Hayden and leaves. the scene freezes

Goenka Villa
Shivaay: From now on as a leader everyone will listen to me, okay?
Everyone in Chorus: Sure
Shivaay: Now I am dividing the tasks for everyone. listen carefully
Aman puts his index finger on his lips and folds the other hand like an obedient student
Shivaay: Stop joking, Aman
Aman: Hey I’m just following your words..go ahead
Shivaay smiles and : So Aryan…come here please
Aryan goes to Shivaay
Shivaay: Aryan From now on I want you to follow Ridhu like a shadow all day long. At night Ridhu will sleep in the same room with Mrs. Khundra and Muma… See?
Aryan: Understand sir
Shivaay: Next job for Kartik and Naira
Karthik: Yes, say
Shivaay: Kartik and Naira make as many healing potions as possible.
Kartik and Naira in chorus: Done
Except: Next Light
Roshini: Yes except
Shivaay: Prepare the truth medicine abundantly. And Preeta makes your setup in one of the rooms and studies the movements of the planets from time to time.
Preeta: done boss
Shivaay: Aman and Karan, you guys stay with Vansh from now on. Follow what he says. Is this okay?
Lineage: But except:
Shivaay: I know you are talented but please listen to me
the lineage remains silent
Aman and Karan: Whatever Vansh says, we will follow and stick to it
Angre: What about me?
Shivaay: You have to leave for your secret place where till now you and your clan had base. I don’t know where he is, but soon Hayden will find the place. So clear it up and assemble your men. I’ll tell you what to do after that.
Angre: Ill leave now
except: ok
Pankhuri: No wait..you can go out after eating
Angre looks at Shivaay. Shivaay is about to say something when Pankhuri stares at him. Shivaay swallows his saliva and: Okay, go after dinner
everyone smiles at themselves
Aman in a whisper from Veer: He wanted everyone to listen to him, but could not stop the poor Pankhuri from listening
Veer: I am very happy for this
Shivaay: Silence..now Veer (a pause as he sees that Pankhuri is still looking at him, lets out a deep sigh) After dinner you turn into your animagus and visit us from every corner of the city. Going to gather schoolmates. Inform them about Gaurav ji’s death and the struggle going on and tell them that their wait is over and the task for which they have been trained is here.
Veer: Sure except
Shivaay: Now Vansh you know very well that once the marriage is over, the war will reach the next stage and then….
Vansh nodded and : Ill get ready for this. Do not worry
Shivaay smiles and Meghnad comes there
Meghnad: The day after day is the wedding day of Riddhima and Vansh
Sia: What? without any other work
Vansh: Siya The struggle is going on now, we have already lost Gaurav ji and if we don’t hurry then none of us will be left till the ceremony is over. Once everything’s over if we’re alive we’ll celebrate
Siya gets shocked by such things. Riddhima hugs him
Riddhima: Siya..don’t worry it will end very soon and everyone will be happy and normal very soon
Shivaay in my mind: I wish your wishes come true, my dear sister
Shivaay: Ridhu Not only can you continue your magic lessons from Vansh, but we will all teach to help you from our areas of expertise. Along with Ridhu, Ishani and Siya will also get wands and training from now on
Ridhima: Thanks brother
Shivaay: Now Maya ji and Chandrika ji I want you both to meet me in person (Pankhuri cough) after dinner so that we can discuss some things
Maya: Sure
Shivaay: Bani will soon get dragon fight weapons
Aman: You say Hayden can summon dragons?
Shivaay: Maybe..we don’t know
Aman drowns in despair
Aman: Again them… anyway we have to face everything for the better
Shivaay: Okay and Pankhuri man… Prepare that secret medicine from now on. with that discussion. let’s have dinner now
Harish: About the wedding preparations?
Shivaay: Papa, you and Mama decide what should happen there, I’ll do it
Saying this Shivaay leaves from there. petal runs to her
Petal: etc…etc stop
Shivaay aka Adi stops and turns towards her.
Pankhuri: Where are you going without eating food?
She drags him to the dining hall. Everyone takes their own food. the scene freezes

Next Chapter: Nightmare

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