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Facebook Locked Profile कैसे देखे? | 5 तरीके लॉक प्रोफाइल देखने के लिए

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Want to view someone’s blocked Facebook profile without making friends? So here we are going to know 5 ways by which you can see any blocked Facebook profile. In such a situation, without sending a friend request or making a FB friend, we can view photos and posts from any profile. Top 5 ways will be found in this post. How to view blocked Facebook profile? to learn about.

Any user can lock their profile using Facebook’s privacy lock feature. In such a situation, only those people who are your friends can see the profile of that Facebook user. If someone else visits her profile, then they cannot access the FB profile because the blocked profile is visible here.

In such a situation, if someone wants to see the blocked Facebook profile of his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend or any other person. So, for this, here are the 5 blocked Facebook profile viewers that have been told. Use them and you can see photos and photos of anyone. So, let’s get to know each one in detail.

5 Ways to View Blocked Facebook Profile

Sometimes it happens that a method may not work. here we are FB profile view blocked Saying 5 ways to do it. In such a situation, if one does not work, you can try to watch another one. Here is how to view blocked Facebook profile. Their paths

  1. View Blocked FB Profile Using Online Tool
  2. View profile using the ‘Photos of’ method
  3. View blocked profiles from the phone’s browser
  4. See blocked photos talking to a friend
  5. Create another FB profile

View Blocked FB Profile Using Online Tool

When a blocked profile remains. So it is written in the place of the photo and the post on the blocked profile as seen in the image. There is a blocked FB profile viewer tool online to view the photo of such profile. Using which you can check. So here we are going to see its steps how it works.

First of all, go to the FB profile and there in the browser address bar. profile link Copy what is given.

Copy Facebook Profile Link

Now open online profile viewer tool and click on copied paste the link Do it

Profile viewer tool par apne Profile link Paste kare.

After pasting from the selected method Method A select and then Get profile picture Click the button.

Ab Method A select karke get Profile picture option to click on kar from

Now you will see the photo in the profile.

Profile picture showing

View profile using the ‘Photos of’ method

There are some tricks that are hidden in Facebook itself. Photos of is one of those ways that we see a user’s profile using the search method. It is used if you want to see the photo of a blocked profile and you do not need to use any other tool to do so.

I just want to see whose Facebook blocked profile picture is. The search must be done by putting Photos of in front of your name. All the steps of this method have been counted here. You can try to see them yourself.

1. Login to your own FB account.

two. After login, go to the search option.

Photos of

In the search box, type Photos of and the name of the person whose photo you want to see. Like if you want to see Shailesh Chaudhary’s photo. So in Facebook search you will type Shailesh Chaudhary Photos and here is the full list.

In this, the information is found in the three main sections, in Post, People and Photo, the person whose photo you want to see from here. Search for it and after some time you will get the complete list.

Facebook Photos of the Method

View blocked profiles from the phone’s browser

Another great way. In this we use the old version of the Facebook website. The feature of such a locked profile has arrived, it is new. People go to the basic version and open the old FB account. Where this feature may not work. In such a situation, if it doesn’t work on someone’s phone, then it is also used.

This method is the easiest. Copy the URL of the FB profile of the person whose photo you want to see and paste it into the browser.

Then add mbasic to the URL that is there. I like https://www.facebook.com/Basicsql This is the original URL. To verify this you need https://basicIt will do .facebook.com/Basicsql and then look in the browser.

mabsic tarike se profile dekhe

After searching, you will be able to see all the information and photos.

See blocked photos talking to a friend

This is how you can see the profile of such a person. Who is your mutual friend that is associated with that blocked profile or is not directly accepting your friend request. So you can request it.

This is a kind of trading technique. With which you ask a friend to see that blocked profile picture and publish it, if he agrees. So you can see your phone by taking it on the remote. In this, there is another way for you to directly message the person you want to connect with and want to see their photo.

In such a situation, that person accepts your friend request. So you can see the publication and photo of him. But this method is not for everyone if you want to secretly verify someone’s account. So, for that, all three methods mentioned above should be used.

Create another FB profile

If you do not want to be associated with that person with the real profile, then for this you do not need to work on FB Hacking technology in any way. There is only one simple way by which you can connect with that person in a real way. Whose phone with blocked Facebook profile wants to be reviewed.

For this, go to Facebook.com or App and create a new profile.

Facebook account Naya Banaye

After creating the account, fully configure it and update the profile picture, post everything in it. After that from the second profile you send a friend request to that person and when they accept, you will be able to see the complete profile.

You can then view everything in the account, including photos, posts, and videos. This method is not easy because there is a possibility that the person will accept your request or not. But if you want to see, then you have to do something about it.

Other ways you see,

Here are 5 ways to view blocked Facebook profile They have been told. In such a situation, you can see someone’s photo, video or post. Without knowing it and I hope you liked this information and if you have any questions. So you can tell us about it in the comment. We hope that you will definitely share this post on social networks.

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