Saba Qamar and Nauman Ejaz’s show Mrs & Mr Shamim will premiere tomorrow on ZEE5, and in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, the actress opens up on this upcoming Zindagi original series. “Mrs. & Mr. Shamim is the story of two disparate individuals who discover the true meaning of love, they define their marriage by their own rules, and do not follow the conservative norms set by society. Very unconventional Jodi and love,” says Saba.

She further says that in our society we have a specific definition for a man or an ideal lover. “He must have muscles, must be good in appearance, must have money, must have a good job, and must be from a good family. In our society this is the definition of an ideal person but the reality is something else. When we Talking about Shamim’s character, he is not transgender or gay, he is impressive but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings. He also has a right to be loved, and maybe he can define love in a better way. knows from,” she shares.

Saba continues, “Just because we have seen in our movies or heard from people around us since childhood, a woman grows up with a certain notion of a lover or husband. But when you are in practical life Come, when the same man disrespects you or misbehaves with you, his beauty goes out the window. So the beauty of Shamim’s character is that he respects and loves him. In the beginning, mine The character also didn’t understand because she also thinks like other people, like sometimes we don’t give people the respect they deserve. But our problem is we want to criticize, disrespect and point out But what we don’t want to give away is positivity, love and respect. So that’s what the character and the show are about.”

She made her Bollywood debut with Hindi Medium opposite Irrfan Khan. Saba says that she misses working in India. “You will have such a great medium, so many good people, amazing directors, actors, scripts, issues are being discussed, you are creating content that doesn’t want to work? I would love to do it whenever I get a chance,” she says.

Saba goes on to say, “An artist has no boundaries, and art should also have no boundaries, which I think. But then some things are not in your control so you should not talk or think much about it. We hope for the best.”

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