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Sohail Khan’s ex-wife Seema Sajdeh came out fumbling from the party, users said- what happened?

Seema Sajdeh from the series ‘Fables Lives and Bollywood Wives’ has been targeted by trolls. A video of her is going viral, in which she can be seen dancing. The trolls say that she Seema has consumed a lot of alcohol, so she can’t walk. At the same time, some users are also supporting them.

Seema Sajdeh, who is seen in the famous Netflix series ‘Fables Lives and Bollywood Wives’, is making headlines these days. A video of Sohail Khan’s ex-wife Seema is going viral on the internet. In this video she can be seen dancing. Seema Sajdeh went to Karan Johar’s party on Saturday night. Paparaji caught it on camera as soon as she walked out of here.

Seema was seen staggering

In the video, Seema Sajdeh is standing at the door of Karan’s house. She tries to move forward, but her steps don’t support her. In such a situation, Seema is seen falling forward and then grabs the door. Dressed in pants and a jaguar print cut, Seema’s look is worth seeing. But her hesitation has turned into an opportunity for trollers to have fun.

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Trollers arrived behind the border

Many users make fun of him on social networks. One user commented: ‘he has drunk alcohol, he is not taking the name of leaving’. Another wrote: ‘Auntie say something even when the phone comes.’ Oh sorry, the phone didn’t even appear in front of the media, which is getting great. ‘Drunk,’ commented a third. Another wrote: ‘I can dance a little.’ Another wrote: ‘Chal se nahi ja raha hai, Utha se nahi ja raha hai.’

allowed users

There are many users supporting Seema Sajdeh. He says that if Seema drinks even if she is a little at the party, then what’s wrong with her. One user commented: ‘Unfollow them. They have no right to enjoy the party. Come on man, don’t do this. Another wrote: ‘Women drinking and getting drunk is no big deal. what it feels like to laugh Seeing people having fun. One user chided everyone, writing: “Those who have been informed in the comments, it seems that people in your entire family drink nothing but milk.” Hippocrates somewhere.

Why did Sohail and Seema break up?

Seema Sajdeh was seen with the family in the web series ‘Fables Lives and Bollywood Wives’. Her and Sohail Khan’s divorce was also revealed on this show. In the second season of the show, Seema Sajdeh was asked why she ended her 22-year marriage to Salman Khan’s brother, Sohail Khan. To this Seema had said that her views did not coincide. Seema Sajdeh had also said that she had parted ways with Sohail Khan five years ago. Seema is a fashion designer by profession.

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