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Karisma Kapoor came out to eat food with her son in deep necked clothes, every picture robbed the limelight

Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor is not only more active on social media than before, but this Bala dinner has also increased. Whatever the reason behind this, but you have to accept that every time the former actress leaves the house, she becomes so murderous that everyone looks at her.

The beloved Karisma Kapoor of the Kapoor family has been one of those actresses who tasted success as soon as she entered Bollywood. This is because she created a deep connection with the audience due to her stellar performances, she also proved to be a trendsetter after doing a few movies. However, the main reason behind this was that Lolo not only progressed a lot in terms of fashion, but whatever outfits he wore in his movies, he would surely be popular among ordinary people.

This is why even after not being so regular in the acting world right now, her fire remains intact. At 47 years old, she is not only rocking her fashion suit, but she also exudes her confidence as soon as she leaves the house. Karishma’s resemblance did not catch our attention when she arrived at a famous restaurant in Mumbai to have dinner with her son. (All photos – India Times/Yogen Shah)

Mother-son duo caught everyone’s attention

Actually, this whole story is about the time when Karisma Kapoor came to have dinner with her youngest son, Kiaan Raj Kapoor, at a famous restaurant located in the Bandra area of ​​Mumbai. During this, the elegant mother-son couple caught everyone’s attention.

This is because Karishma, who is raising her two children alone, not only dressed well during this time, but also chose thick clothing for her son. Speaking of Karisma first, the actress wore a very comfortable dress while Kiaan wore white shorts with blue t-shirts. Kareena’s sexy look was ‘upstaged’ for this reason alone, Karisma also joked.

Karisma was seen in her favorite color

Karisma Kapoor dressed in black to spend her free time with her son. The actress is seen in this color again and again, from which it is clear that Hasina likes this color very much. During this, she wore an A-line dress, the pattern of which remained figure-hugging.

The dress was made entirely of stretchy material, which complemented her body and fit her well. There was no embroidery of any kind on the dress, but its texture was kept absolutely simple.

there was no rest

In this Karisma dress, the V-neckline was made in a deep look, thus keeping the sleeves in the medium look. At the same time, the west line was stitched to give it an attractive touch, so that slight creases could be seen on the bottom line of it.

At the same time, this drab outfit added no frills to the touch of glamour, so Lolo was able to get a very simple and cheerful look. The super comfortable outfit was styled by the actress with minimal makeup, her hair styled in a high bun.

This dress was also shown

Not only on normal days, Karishma’s fashion did not decrease even during the Corona period. She now takes this black shirt dress, in which she seems to be doing very well. Lolo may have paired it with a face mask that made the dopamine bandage popular with the masses, but we have to admit, she looks amazing in black.

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