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Female boxer lost consciousness in the joy of victory, showed her private part by raising the T-shirt. VIDEO Viral

Tai Emery viral video: You must have often seen teams or players celebrating after winning a game. Many times gamers do such acts with enthusiasm, thus they go viral on social media. One such case came to light at UEFA Women’s Euro 2022. Where a soccer player celebrated by taking off her shirt after scoring a goal. Another similar case has come to light.

Boxer showed private part

However, this is not the case in football. Here a female boxer lifts her shirt after winning. According to media reports, 35-year-old female kickboxer Taye Emiri scored a tremendous victory in her debut match.

people were surprised to see the sight

As soon as he found out about his victory, he went up to the ring and picked up his jersey. Everyone present was shocked to see a 35-year-old female boxer doing this. Along with this, her action was also caught on camera. Now this video of him is going very viral on social media.

A similar incident occurred at the UEFA Women’s Euro

One such incident has also come to light in the past, in which a soccer player took off her shirt after scoring a goal. Photos of her and videos of her also became very viral on social media. It was the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 event.

Clue Kelly also took off her shirt

England defeated Germany in their last match. This player’s name was Clay Kelly. The reason Clue Kelly is more excited is that it was his first goal and the team won from his first goal.

Waiting for the referee’s decision

When he scored the goal, he first reached out to remove his shirt, though he stopped midway and looked at the referee. As soon as the referee cleared the goal from him, he immediately took off his entire jersey and started running towards the field.

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