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Falguni Pathak showed the mirror to Neha Kakkar without saying! Comment on the song ‘O Sajna’ – News

Neha Kakkar recently released the song ‘O Sajna’ which is a new version of Falguni Pathak’s song ‘Maine Payal Hai Chhankai’. After hearing this, people’s blood has boiled and they are expressing their discontent on social media. Now Falguni has also reacted.

Neha Kakkar doesn’t need any identification. She is a famous Bollywood singer. She has given many successful movies till now. Her songs become popular as soon as they are released, but many times they fall in the crosshairs of users. The same thing happened this time too. She recently released her new song ‘O Sajna’. This is a new version of the 90’s super hit song Maine Payal Hai Chhankai sung by Falguni Pathak. Neha is being cursed on social media for this song. They are heard out loud. And now Falguni has also expressed without saying anything that she didn’t like this version of her song at all either. Let us know about this whole thing.

Neha Kakkar O Sajna Song released her new song ‘O Sajna’ on September 19. In this, Dhanshree Verma, wife of cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal and TV actor Priyank Sharma have been cast with him. The music is by Tanishk Bagchi. The lyrics have been written by Jani. Listen to this song by Neha:

This is how people react to Neha Kakkar’s song

As soon as Neha Kakkar released her song, people’s reactions started pouring in. One wrote: ‘Old is gold. No one can replace Falguni Pathak. She is Nagina. Another user mockingly commented: ‘Blood is coming out of my ear. This is a song that touches the kidneys. Another user has even pleaded to “don’t ruin her childhood memories.” Now after reading these comments you must have understood that people do not like this Neha Kakkar song.

What did Falguni Pathak say?

Actually, Falguni Pathak has not said anything. Rather he has said a lot without saying anything. He has shared a screenshot of his fan post on Instagram, in which Neha Kakkar is cursed for singing and Falguni is praised. It is written in this post, ‘Neha Kakkar, how low can you go? Stop ruining our old classics for us. In such a situation, Falguni is said to share such posts for two reasons. Either she didn’t like this Neha song either or people are praising her so she shares the post. That’s why!

The song was released 23 years ago, people’s memories are attached.

The song was the title track of Falguni Pathak’s 1999 album Maine Payal Hai Chhankai Song. She has childhood memories associated with children from the 90’s. Hearing this, she goes to the nostalgia era. Listen to this perennial Falguni song here:

Falguni has sung more memorable songs

Apart from this song, Falguni Pathak has sung hits such as ‘Chudi Jo Khanki Haath Mein’, ‘Meri Chunar Ud Ud Jaye’, ‘O Piya’ and ‘Ayo Rama’. At that time people were convinced of his voice. People are still fans of him and listening to his songs brings back memories of yesteryear.

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