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42 year old Shweta Tiwari eats food once a day! Trainer shares weight loss diet

Shweta Tiwari Fitness Secret: Shweta Tiwari, a well-known actress in the television industry, is quite fit even at the age of 42. No one can guess her age by looking at her physical condition. What is Shweta Tiwari’s diet and exercise plan that makes her so fit? You will know about this in the article.

Shweta Tiwari Fitness secret: The number of followers of Shweta Tiwari, a well-known actress in the television industry, is quite high. She is known for her fashion sense, fitness and glamour. Shweta Tiwari may have just turned 42, but looking at her physical condition, no one can guess her age. Shweta is an inspiration to those who say staying fit is too hard.

Actually, some time ago Shweta Tiwari’s weight had increased a lot. After this, she thought about keeping fit and apart from losing weight, he also did sit-ups. Shweta Tiwari’s personal fitness trainer and celebrity trainer Prasad Nandkumar Shirke recently shared Shweta’s diet and exercise routine with Aaj Tak.in to help her stay fit.

Shweta Tiwari is on that diet

Celebrity trainer Prasad Nandkumar Shirke, who has been the personal fitness fanatic of many stars like Hrithik Roshan, Urvashi Rautela, said, “Shweta Tiwari is a fitness fanatic. He made a comeback in the television world with the series ‘Main Hoon Aparajita’. Her schedule is very tight due to filming and her travels, so she can’t take time for herself at the moment.

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To stay in shape, eat solid foods only once a day. In solid food, 100 grams of chicken or fish, 200-300 grams of vegetables, a jowar roti are taken. If there is no salad, eat 100 grams of spinach or fenugreek vegetables. Apart from this, have 90 grams of Greek yogurt and 8-10 almonds in your morning breakfast. Have an orange and a cup of detox tea at night, as it is rich in natural antioxidants.

Coach Shirke further said: ‘Shweta currently consumes around 1000 calories. Her son is small, so due to the child’s insistence, she eats 1-2 bytes of the son’s food. Shweta’s height is 5 feet 8 inches and her weight is correct for her height. Shweta has no fitness goals yet, but is currently undergoing maintenance.

This is Shweta Tiwari’s workout routine

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Trainer Shirke says: ‘Shweta Tiwari is very busy at the moment so she goes to the gym 3 days a week to do weight training. In weight training, she trains 2 parts of the body. Apart from this, she does functional training for 3 days, which includes bodyweight exercises. High intensity interval training, yoga is also included in her exercise routine. Shweta trains the muscles of the chest, triceps, back, biceps, legs and shoulders simultaneously. She trains abs with functional training. ,

Coach Shirke further said: ‘Shweta’s workouts have also been kept light due to shooting and travelling. The repetitions are placed more with less weight, which has helped him stay in shape. If he has a fitness goal in the future or if he has to do a special transformation for a show, we will change his training and diet.

This was the 10kg weight loss workout and diet plan

Coach Shirke said: “Shweta Tiwari had previously lost about 10kg. At that time he had also trained him and prepared the diet. It took Shweta 6 months to lose weight and gain muscle. He used to exercise 5 days a week and he used to do intense workouts one day. Conditioning training, weight training, and power training all helped transform him.

Coach Shirke further explains, “Shweta’s diet included roti-sabzi at home, so for those who say it’s hard to lose weight eating at home, Shweta is an example to them. His diet also included green vegetables in which he liked to eat cucumber, tomato, spinach, lettuce. She cooked and ate vegetables in different ways so she wouldn’t get bored of eating the same thing. Shweta’s breakfast consisted of eggs, brown bread, and tea. She sometimes drank juice too. For lunch Shweta used to eat paneer bhurji or chicken roti with curd. For lunch, Shweta used to eat paneer bhurji, or chicken, roti with low-fat curd. At night she used to have eggs, wholemeal bread and tea. For dinner, she used to have a protein salad consisting of green vegetables with chicken or fish.

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