Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Hitesh goes to jail.


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Bhim Rao tells Sethji that he is making an attempt to turn out one thing with unsuitable tools. Sethji requested a query. Bhim Rao used to be simply answering his query. He sends Bhim Rao on paintings. Sethji explains that Bhim Rao’s folks can also be taught best through pressure.

The higher caste girls have been ready to beat Lakshmi and Karuna.

Lakshmi and Karuna insisted on going to paintings. Anand needs them to trade their techniques till the higher caste pacifies. Lakshmi may not be fearful of any individual, she is going to retaliate. Bala is of the same opinion with Anand. Compassion asks questions. Bala is anxious about his spouse, he can struggle with any individual however can not allow them to harm him. Anand and Bala sought after to pass in combination. Karuna forbade him from following.

When the ladies idea that Karuna and Lakshmi would no longer come, they got here. A lady tells that they’re outnumbered and because defeat is sure, it’s higher for Lakshmi and Karuna to go away. Compassion goes away.

Bala and Karuna have been going to search for paintings. Hitesh name callings Bala for being a coward, he despatched his spouse to paintings, to devour from her profits. Hitesh heard talks about Bala being courageous, however as a substitute he despatched his spouse to struggle. Bala and Hitesh get started combating, the chawl contributors take a look at to prevent them. Hitesh picked up a stone and hit it on Bala’s head. Bala bled to dying and used to be taken to the health facility.
The girls have been about to assault however Lakshmi and Karuna gave in as a substitute of combating. He asks if Karuna and Lakshmi are fearful of them. Lakshmi and Karuna fought the previous day, will proceed to achieve this, being Bhim Rao’s circle of relatives they can not trade the trail, they’ve to earn their dwelling, however dying will prevent it. The international will come to know that some girls were given in combination and murdered two girls. People accused Lakshmi and Karuna of molestation. Karuna explains that combating isn’t a concern for girls. They snatched away their equipment to kill Lakshmi and Karuna.

Sethji tells Bhim Rao that cussed habits will wreck the decrease caste. Vaijnath obeys Sethji and enters the administrative center. He is right here with excellent information, provides her rice pudding to devour first.

The girls prevent their males from killing Lakshmi and Karuna. The girls give protection to Lakshmi and Karuna and ship them off. Women can not let some other girl die, they struggle with their husbands for this.

Vaijnath asks Bhim Rao how he feels after sitting at the ground, he would hate folks sitting on chairs. Bhim Rao does no longer like the rest above and outdoor himself. Bhim Rao is other, he needs equality. Vaijnath name callings, he appears at Bhim Rao with evil ideas. This chair provides him glory and alternative while the decrease caste dies attempting to earn two sq. foods an afternoon. The upper caste lives and enjoys, whilst the decrease caste dies in useless. Sethji loves rice kheer, he needs to know the glad instance. Vaijnath fell from his chair, feeling insulted. He tells Sethji that the ladies have deliberate to kill Lakshmi and Karuna. Deepak enters the administrative center. Vaijnath requested him concerning the incident, he instructed that the ladies fought with their husbands to give protection to Lakshmi and Karuna. Sethji leaves. Bhim Rao advises Vaijnath to stay steadfast on earth, one should upward push past one’s capability. Vaijnath left. Deepak tells him about Bala’s damage.
Ramji questions Hitesh for hurting his personal folks. Joku, Janardhan and Manohar stand with Ramji in this, they don’t make stronger Hitesh. Bhim Rao brings the police to arrest Hitesh for attacking Bala. Janardhan and Joku need Bhim Rao to clear up the topic inside the chawl. Bhim Rao considers it against the law, the police takes Hitesh away. Hitesh threatens to go back as an enemy. Bhim Rao inquired about Bala’s well being. Joku tells Bhim Rao that Jijabai will inform him about justice on his go back,

The episode ends.

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