Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao tries to find a lawyer


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Ram is strolling when he meets Bheem so she asks why he’s getting back from place of job so early, Bheem replies that her dream might come true as a result of all of them are making plans to homicide Puran ji within the place of job. Inspector says he has left the task, so he asks Ram to communicate some sense to Bheem that not anything is extra vital than incomes. Hai, Ram says that even the inspector isn’t doing justice to his task and is falsely taking the facet of those that attempted to kill Puran. The Inspector warns Ram now not to say anything differently he’s going to kill Bhim Rao proper right here when Ram replies that the Inspector has to pass first and entire what he has made up our minds to do. Bheem leaves explaining that to save Puran ji they’ll have to take lend a hand of the justice device. Rama thinks that she has to pass and inform the reality to Baba.

Jija Bai says this morning Bhim left after seeing a unhealthy dream and Ram additionally left after him which led to a lot of bother to everybody, Ram informs Ramji that Bhim Rao is in point of fact going to face a downside. And his dream comes true, Jija Bai begins giggling when requested if Bheem may even dream now. Aunty explains that Jija Bai used to be pronouncing such terrible issues which they stored listening to so now she must stay quiet, Rama tells Ramji about the entire reality that took place with Bhim Rao within the place of job. Bala tells Anad that he feels they want to pass as Bheem would possibly want their lend a hand, whilst their better halves additionally come to a decision to pass and lend a hand Bhim Rao when Jokhu asks why they’d save Bheem. While leaving when she is thrown out of this chawl, aunty says that Jokhu has now not most effective thrown Bhim Rao out of his existence as a result of he’s going to lend a hand him every time he’s in any roughly downside. Jokhu mentioned that dishonest must be discovered from those other people. Ramji explains that they had been nonetheless on Bheem’s facet so attempted to prevent him but if no person listens they have got to shape a circle round him. The inspector stops all of them from leaving the chawl pronouncing that he has heard that the folks of this chawl are taking the facet of the felony Puran, so they’ll control this chawl. Rama asks similar to they had been doing within the place of job, when the inspector warns her to prevent, he says the constables must stay an eye fixed right here. Ram says she goes to depart even though he threatens to shoot at them, the inspector shoots on the earthen pot which falls down. The inspector tells that if she comes ahead then all those that are towards Bheem might be killed, then Rama says that he’s making a mistake however the inspector leaves.

Bheem requests the lawyer to come and take a look at to open Puran ji’s case with him however the lawyer begins operating away when he explains that if Bheem begs him like this in the midst of the street then everybody will assume that he’s Bheem’s good friend. Is serving to and they’ll accomplish that. Throw him out of the society. Bhim Rao says if the lawyer refuses then who will stand with him to get the justice of the reality, the lawyer tells that he lives on this society after finishing his accountability however he’s going to now not depart them. Bheem guarantees that the justice device will give him justice when a guy hits the lawyer on his head with a stick inflicting him to fall. The landlord tells Bhim Rao that the one that hit the lawyer ran away however the one that used to be going to lend a hand him is at the floor, the lawyer says that he used to be making an attempt to make Bhim remember the fact that he won’t be able to lend a hand since no person is there. His daughter can also be harmed, so he asks Bhim Rao to depart from there and save his circle of relatives. The landlord’s son is going to the nook to take away the headband from his face, Bhim Rao gives to take the lawyer to the clinic. When the inspector asks Bhim Rao the place he’s going, he tells the lawyer to take himself to the clinic. Till he explains this to Bhim Rao. Landlord says Inspector must inform the place Bheem goes to pass, what does he imply through this, Inspector tells that police has surrounded the chawl and any person who strikes might be killed, Landlord’s son Says Bhim Rao can not offer protection to everybody. Inspector says that two constables would have long gone with Puran whilst he’s going to come upon them on his manner, so Bheem must come to a decision the place he’s going to pass, Bheem tries to prevent the inspector however the landlord’s son tells Bhim Rao that Hui stops him pondering what he must do, Bhim Rao must take a seat right here and after listening to the scoop of the come upon come to the place of job the place they’ll have a birthday party. Sethji says that Bheem might as smartly come again to his task as he’s going to undoubtedly put up it. Bhim Rao leaves angrily.

The landlord asks Sethji the place he thinks Bhim Rao would possibly have long gone, when the owner’s son tells his spouse, however Sethji explains that he is aware of Bhim Rao would possibly have long gone to the lawyer. Bheem is inquiring for the lawyer to lend a hand him however the lawyer leaves pronouncing that he has heard concerning the lawyer.

The constable pulls Puran and asks him to come they usually threaten him pronouncing that he’s going to undoubtedly be killed lately and then Bhim Rao may also prevent his actions.

Bhim Rao is inquiring for the legal professionals one at a time to lend a hand him, however they all are refusing to say that they have got heard what took place, so no person concurs to lend a hand him, Bhim Rao Really fearful. The squaddies are pointing weapons on the other people of the chawl who’re fearful at the side of Ram.

The landlord’s son says that the whole lot will finish after listening to the scoop of Puran’s come upon. The landlord mentions that such a scenario has advanced that Bhim Rao will lose admire some of the other people of his magnificence when there may be an come upon, all of them will undoubtedly settle for obedience or even Bhim Rao will do not anything One of the employees additionally says that once Puran is killed he’s going to make a statue of him and take it round within the villages. The different worker thinks that he can’t do the rest for Bhim Rao however can a minimum of pray for him that he’s going to undoubtedly win.

Bhim Rao requests every other lawyer to lend a hand him however he says that Bhim Rao has to find a lawyer who does not care about his existence and is helping him so Bhim Rao sits down pronouncing that he misplaced lately And won’t be able to lend a hand Puran. Then the constable mentioned that Bhim Rao must prevent it and return as he would now not be ready to find in the entire of Bombay the place he used to be going to kill Puran. Bhim Rao is offended.

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