Pat Cummins, who played his 1st IPL game this season after missing out on the first 2 games due to international commitments has finally registered his name in this tournament but not with the thing he is more known for, instead, he smacked the joint-fastest 50 in the IPL which came in just 14 deliveries.

Cummins took just 1 ball to settle down as he took a single in his first delivery but from the 2nd delivery onwards, he started to stretch his arms. Let’s have a look and enjoy his blitzing knock ball by ball.

1st ball – 1 run, back of a length outside off, Cummins stays back and punches to mid-off

2nd Delivery – Cummins gets under it and plays a powerful pickup shot over a deep square leg for a ‘Six’

3rd delivery – Cummins Shuffled across a bit early, forcing Mills to go wider and that was an error with nobody sweeping behind point on the boundary for a ‘four’

4th delivery – No run, wide yorker, probably pace-off, jammed out by Cummins

5th delivery – No run, quite full and outside off, slower ball, dug out to extra cover

6h delivery – SIX, not always that Bumrah gets pasted over cow corner for a maximum.

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7th delivery – Perfect wide yorker from Bumrah, Cummins somehow manages to reach this and looks to squeeze it out, ‘Four’

8th delivery – 1 run, very full and around, jammed put past mid-wicket

9th delivery – Six, it’s in the arc and Cummins clobbers it straight down the ground. Flat hit and long-on has no chance

10th delivery – juicy full toss this time and Cummins heaves with all the power in the world, ‘Four’

11th delivery – Cummins shuffles and heaves, all the way over deep square leg for a massive ‘Six’

12th delivery – Cummins goes that side now and is shuffling across and helping it all the way over the ropes, ‘Six’

13th delivery – No ball, 2 runs, taken brilliantly by SKY at long-off but it’s a waist-high full toss from Sams!

14th delivery – Cummins walks across early and whips it away through square leg for ‘Four’

15th delivery – SIX, and just like that, Cummins has ended the game with four over still left!

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