DU Admissions 2021: Delhi University To Release Special Cut-off List For UG Courses Tomorrow

According to officials, the University of Delhi will publish the exclusion list on Wednesday as part of a special campaign to fill the vacancies in various colleges. On Saturday, the university obtained the data on the free places from the universities. Some colleges have not yet sent the data, an official said, adding that institutes can send the numbers by 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

Delhi University had previously announced the cut-off for November 13 as part of a special campaign. The university did not share the admission dates for the list.

By the fifth deadline, 74,667 students had secured admission. The colleges publish a list of merits and approve candidates based on vacant seats.

Applicants can apply on November 25th and 26th as part of the second special promotion. Universities publish the list of achievements on their website and applicants have until 5 p.m. to make payment from November 27th.

Candidates who could not be admitted to a college of the university during one of the preceding deadlines or whose admission was canceled and who were therefore not admitted, but who passed the previous deadline and can also complete one of the Special Drive-I. can be considered for admission according to Sonderfahrt II, provided that seats in the specified category are available in accordance with the guidelines.

“No movement is allowed during the special. Candidates who have secured admission in any of the earlier five cutoffs (including Special Cut-Off / Drive-I) are not allowed to participate in Special Drive-II, i.e. those candidates who have passed the earlier Admission to a Program + University of Delhi College is not eligible to take the special trip. Hence, the cancellation options are for the candidates Suspended in special operation, ”announced the university.

If the number of applicants applying for a particular program in a college exceeds the number of places available, the college will compile an earnings list based on the best of four / three required for the program. The College will only approve the candidacy on the basis of merit and availability of seats. The list of accepted candidates will be on the respective. uploaded The college website specified in the guidelines.

In the event of a tie in one seat, the candidate with the higher grades (summary of the best five subjects including one language) will be considered first for admission in the aptitude test.

Applicants with an earlier date of birth (mentioned in the certificate for class 10) will be considered for admission in the event of a tie.

According to Manish Kansal, admissions coordinator at Hindu College, there are barely eight to ten places available in the college.

Rajesh Dwivedi, admissions coordinator at Aryabhatta College, said the decrease in minimum grades required would be in the range of four to five percent.

“There is no reason to fear lowering the cut-off, as there is no risk of over-licensing. If four places are free, we can accept four students and, if there are more applicants, we will draw up a list of earnings. The final decision will be made on Wednesday in autumn. “

Hem Chand Jain, director of Deendayal Upadhyay College, said they are likely to lose a percentage point.

He said 11 spots were available for the general category, 22 for OBC and 10 for ST in various courses. He said the college had 21 admissions on the last special trip.

The new academic session for freshmen started on November 22nd.


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