Doosri Maa 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashoda comes to know that Ashok eloped

Doosri Maa 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashoda comes to know that Ashok eloped

Doosri Maa 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashoda comes to know that Ashok eloped

Doosri Maa Feb 6, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Yashoda telling the inspector that she didn’t run away but rather went somewhere. She asks the policeman where Sinha Sahab is. Constable says that he has been transferred and a new lord has joined. The new inspector asks her how her relationship with her husband was. Yashoda asks what do you mean? The inspector says we’ll get the details first and then we’ll search. Yashoda says that she has a happy family and two daughters, if all is not well, she would have come here and filed the report. The inspector says that she must have scolded her husband in the same way. Amma says that Krishna will not go to the kitchen and says that she felt sympathy and let Krishna stay here. Krishna says that he too will go to find Sir. He says that he will bring her back. Nupur says that I will go with you. Krishna asks him not to call him Bhaiya and says that anyone related to me is worried about me. the va Aastha tells Nupur that it is because of her that everyone has to suffer so much. Mahua also tries to provoke Nupur. Krishna is looking for Ashok and inquires at the nearby shops. The driver of the car tells her that he knows about her. He says that yesterday morning she stopped my rickshaw and asked me to leave it at the bus stop. Krishna asks her which bus she boarded on. The guy in the car says he doesn’t know. Krishna thinks to go to PS and tell Yashoda.

The inspector asks him if he had an affair with someone. He says it’s normal, the extramarital affair is the reason nowadays, and asks if he found out about the relationship and why he left. Krishna reaches there and says that there is never a fight between Sir ji and Madam ji, they love each other and also trust each other. He asks the inspector not to ask such questions. He tells Yashoda that he found out from the boy in the car who had gone to the bus stop. Yashoda says bus stop. He gets a call from Arvind and asks the inspector to ask. The inspector assures him. Krishna asks what did Uncle Arvind say? Yashoda asks them to go home. Krishna asks what is my fault? Yashoda remembers that Krishna is Mala’s son and tells him that he will go find her husband. Krishna thinks that I want to help her, why is he mad at me, why is everyone blaming me and not telling me what my fault is.

Bansal reaches there and shows Krishna’s birth certificate. Kamini says that now I will tell everyone that Ashok is his father and then his respect will be completely lost. they laughed. Kamini says that I will show, what can I do to prove that I am wrong. She says that she will take revenge for the insult. She calls Mahua and asks him to go quickly to her house.

Manoj and Arvind are at the bus stop. Arvind introduces her to the brother of his friend, who has a position there. Yashoda asks what do you know? The boy tells that he saw Ashok buying tickets and called him, but he didn’t see me. He says that then I went to my post. He says I didn’t see which bus he got on. He asks why you say this. Manoj says that he is sure that Ashok went somewhere and asks him to tell everyone the truth. Arvind asks if it’s true. Yashoda says that Ashok ji left home and says that he won’t tell anyone, that he is a hero to everyone, and then he will prove to be a runaway man, and says that everyone will be broken, so we won’t tell anyone . She says that Ashok ji will come back and tell everyone everything. She cries and leaves.

Mahua asks Kamini why did you call me here? Kamini asks him to come over and shows him Ashok and Arvind’s photo frames. Mahua asks what is this? Kamini asks him to tell her, what is the value of him in the house of his in-laws? Mahua asks what you will do after you find out. Bansal says your upgrade. Mahua says that I understood your wife right, and says that jiji had stolen 1 lakh from Yashoda, but he didn’t give me anything. She says that she planned the robbery so well that I couldn’t figure it out. She says that he is a traitor. Kamini says that you have a servant status in your in-laws house, since you got married, I didn’t see how the family treats you, you are educated, you earn money, you have a government job, but your family doesn’t care about you. .He treats worse than a servant. She goads him and provokes him, saying that Yashoda and Ashok have respect in the house, and that your own husband does not think of you. Bansal asks him to raise her status and tells her that they consider her family. She says that no one received Rs 1 lakh. Kamini says that you know she didn’t get even 1 rupee and asks her to forget about everything. She says your husband and your respect is in your hand, if you want I can give you some advice. She says I’m getting kicked out of the house, so I’ve called you here to explain. Mahua remembers that Amma and Babuji were misbehaving towards Arvind. She asks Kamini how it will happen. Kamini and Bansal look at each other. Kamini throws black powder at Ashok’s photo frame, shocking Mahua.

Precap: Mahua comes home and says that everything is known about Ashok Bhaiya. Arvind asks what? Mahua shows Krishna’s birth certificate and says that it is clearly written that Krishna’s father is Ashok Bhaiya. Kamini also throws black powder at Arvind’s photo frame. Arvind sees the birth certificate. Yashoda reads it. Mahua asks to see her. Yashoda says that this birth certificate is fake. Mahua says that I am trying to talk about that man and you are trying to save that characterless man. Yashoda gets angry and slaps him hard.

Update credit: H Hassan

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