Doosri Maa 30th January 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Doosri Maa 30th January 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Doosri Maa 30th January 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Doosri Maa Jan 30, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Ashok asking Kamini what are you saying, and she tells her that my friend wrote it, or that he could have lied and someone else could have written it. Manoj says yes, he is not so famous that we will know who wrote it. He asks if anyone knows who wrote Twinkle Twinkle and other poems. Nupur and Aastha nod in agreement. Manoj asks why this debate is happening. Krishna says that this song is written by my mother and I just want everyone to know her identity. He says that maybe my mother wrote it for my father. Dada ji asks who was your mother, what was her identity and she says that the party is spoiling because of her. She asks Krishna to come inside. Mahua says that he doesn’t know who his mother and her father are. Krishna says that my mother has an identity and some people in this house knew her. Ashok was upset. Grandpa asks Krishna to come inside. Krishna runs away from there. Yashoda goes after him. Krishna asks how this projector got burned and says that he had proof of my mother’s identity. Yashoda asks what are you saying, Krishna. Krishna says that Kamini mam had made a video of my mother’s photo. Yashoda asks how Kamini knew about your mother. Krishna says that his mother was a third-year student of Kamini’s in college. Ashok reaches there and is shocked. Krishna says I will go and ask Kamini ma’am. Yashoda says that Ashok ji had said that he would show our photo on the projector, why did he lie? She says that she does not want the identity of Krishna’s mother to be revealed to everyone and therefore she burns the projector. She says if this family members know about Mala, why did they keep it from me? she leaves. Ashok turned around. Yashoda goes to his room. Yashoda remembers everything from the beginning, that Ashok came to the hospital, Ashok tells him that Mala left the man, asks him to keep Mala’s photo in the closet and tells Dada ji that Krishna is not an orphan, and thanks him for saving to Nupur. , calling her her sister, writing Krishna’s name in her father’s name, etc.

Babu ji tells Ashok that it is hard to find such a son these days and he is lucky to have him as a son. He says that your father’s name was small, and you made our name famous. He says that I am proud to be the father of Ashok Gupta, that he has not committed any sin and that he always tries to keep his family name above all else and makes sure that he does not get dirty. Yashoda cries knowing that Ashoka is Krishna’s father. Amma tells Ashok that she is proud of him and that she is full of pride. They take pride in that. Amma asks Babuji to give her the ticket. She says that this is the Shimla ticket for Yashoda and you and asks him to leave. Babu ji says it’s a gift from us on your anniversary. He asks her not to let anyone’s evil eye affect her honesty and veracity.

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