Dholna…Beloved… Parth Samthaan TS Part 1

Dholna…Beloved… Parth Samthaan TS Part 1

Dholna…Beloved… Parth Samthaan TS Part 1

Drooling… Darling… Part 1

I dedicate this to Deepa 4567 who asked me to write short stories about Parth along with other actresses besides Neeti and Erica.

Ajit is a famous businessman. He left his office after meeting with his PA Anupam, suddenly his mobile phone rang and he joined the call.

Ajith: This is Ajit Malhotra…

Neck: Why did you wear this shirt? This shirt does not match yours.

Ajit was stunned. He turned to see the person he was calling. A car passed.

Caller: Don’t look. I just moved out of your house. That’s why you can’t see me.

Ajith: Why are you playing hide and seek with me? Come in front of me

Caller: Not so fast Ajit.

Ajit was irritated.

Neck: Anyway, don’t wear this shirt next time, wear something else.

Ajith: It is my wish, I will decide which shirt to wear.

Caller: I made a suggestion for your improvement.

Ajit: I don’t need your suggestion.

He disconnected the call.

Anupam: Who is lord?

Ajith: The same girl who calls me every day.

Anupam smiled.

Ajith: The crazy girl is asking me to change my shirt. She says this shirt doesn’t fit me. How dare she order me?

Anupam: Can I tell you a truth sir?

Ajit: Yes.

Anupam: I also felt that this shirt is not going to fit you.

Ajit was embarrassed.

Anupam: Perhaps she was saying to change your shirt for your well-being.

Ajith remembered the girl calling him and said that she had given him suggestions for improvement.

Ajith: Why should you care about my well-being?

Anupam: Sir, this girl calls you every day. This makes it clear that she has a soft corner for you. So she wants her to be the best. You’re smart. Can’t you solve it with simple logic? ?

Ajit looked at Anupam.

Anupam panicked.

Ajit turned his face and smiled.

Ajit went to a clothing store to buy a shirt.

Suddenly, a man showed him a shirt and said, “Sir, this shirt suits you. Take this shirt.”

Ajith thought: Who is asking me to get this shirt?

Him: Sir, a girl said it.

Ajit: What?

Her: A girl chose this shirt and asked me to give it to you, she gave it to me to tell you that this shirt suits you very well, so you should take it.

Ajit was surprised.

Suddenly, his phone rang. He took the phone.

Caller: Ajith, take that shirt. Trust me. You will look beautiful in that shirt.

Ajit: So you followed me here too and found out I’m here.

Caller: Absolutely yes, because I knew you would come here to buy a new shirt because I told you that you had a bad selection of shirts.

Ajit was embarrassed.

Collar: Well, did you like the shirt I chose?

Ajit: Shut up and disconnect the call.

Caller: You are very angry.

Ajit: Cut the phone.

He hung up the phone himself and then smiled.

Ajit told the man: Pack this shirt.

The next day, Ajit put on that shirt and went to his office, his phone rang.

He picked up the phone.

Collar: You look beautiful in this shirt.

Ajit smiled.

Caller: Yesterday when you scolded me, I thought you wouldn’t buy this shirt. Now I’m so glad you wore the shirt I picked out for you. So you like my look. TRUE?

Ajit smiled.

Ajith: When will I be able to see you directly?

Caller: Wait for the right moment. Bye!

The call ended.

Ajith: Oh… this girl!

Anupam approached him and asked: What happened, sir?

Ajith: That girl always follows me and looks at me, but I can’t see her.

Anupam: If I could watch you so closely, would I be an employee of this office?

Ajit was surprised.

He looked at his employees.

They asked him: What sir? Why are you staring at us?

Ajit felt embarrassed while Anupam felt like laughing.

Ajith: Nothing. All of you do your job. I want everything to be perfect.

He immediately began his work.

Ajit to Anupam: I don’t think that girl is our employee, everyone is afraid of me, they won’t dare to play with me like that.

Anupam: Maybe.

Ajith and Anupam were returning from a meeting in a hotel room. Ajit had a file in his hand.

Ajit: This file is very important. It should not leak. Our rival Shyam will misuse it.

Anupam: You are right sir.

Suddenly Ajit’s phone rang.

Caller: You seem tired after the meeting. The meeting was too long. TRUE?

Ajit was surprised.

Ajith: Did you follow me to this hotel too?

Caller: Not really. I came here for lunch. But surprisingly I saw you.

Ajit thought: Today I will catch you.

Ajit hung up the phone and ran looking for him. The person he called kept calling him. But he didn’t answer the phone. Anupam also followed Ajith. Suddenly, he saw a girl with the phone. She was grumbling.

“First he hung up the phone on me. Now I called him back. But he doesn’t answer the phone.”

Ajith: It’s him.

Ajit took her hand and looked at her.

Ajith: I have finally found you.

Anupam is surprised to see her.

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