Vishal Karwal is known for playing Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna in many mythological shows. Now actor Dharma Yoddha Garuda is all set to reprise the role for the show. This will be the sixth time that Vishal will be playing the role of Lord Vishnu.

In a recent interview with BT, Vishal spoke about it and shared, “I am already playing the role of Lord Vishnu in Swarna Swar Bharat and will now be seen in the same avatar in Garuda. Whenever I have played Lord Krishna in a show, I have always played Lord Vishnu. So in that sense I am playing both for the sixth time in my career. This could very well be a record. When I first played the role of Lord Krishna in Dwarkadhish – Lord Shri Krishna (2011), I really started enjoying acting. The role playing process and feeling is unique as compared to other characters. ,

Talking about the challenges faced in playing the role of a deity, he said, “You enjoy a lot of freedom playing a regular character, but people have a preconceived notion and calendar image of a godly character. Many actors say they don’t want to play mythological characters but I believe most people can’t even play them. So, I feel blessed that I have always been considered for the role of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna when people make a mythological show. When I’m playing a deity, I put in a lot of effort, including the dialogue delivery and gestures. Also, I feel that my perspective has matured and so has my understanding of these characters. ,

Asked if he doesn’t want to try out for other characters on TV, Vishal replied, “I can only choose what is offered to me. I am getting to play versatile characters in web series, but as far as TV is concerned, I have always said that the medium has to come out of making shows that run indefinitely to grow. Now we should make a limited series and shoot well in advance so that the quality is maintained. We must come out of this mindset that this is what goes on.”

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