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The episode begins with Dipika talking to Arun about medical supplies. She says sorry, I have to go somewhere. Peroz says sorry Meera, we are not happy together. She says I thought you will get upset if I tell you about it. He says it will be a polite breakup. She asks him not to break their friendship. He says you will find someone good. She says you like Isha but she is very different, I am always there if you want to cry on my shoulder after heartbreak, then take care. Siya laughs. She says that while monogamy is like a cage for her, Isha is a free bird. She goes. Peroz thinks. Dipika runs and sees a puppy model in her purse. She calls Nikhil.

He asks how is the first day. She asks did I stole it from your car, I m very embarrassed. He says no, you took a serious look at it and says you have a soul mate with this dog. He laughs. She says sorry. He says chill, it’s good you don’t remember, I have to go to work, bye. Isha talks to a girl who admires an attractive doctor. The new doctor staff who appeared in the FMS stopped to see him. The girl says that she is a doctor. Isha is right, I am an alien here. Madhavi says you all will be ER today, new junior is joining us, Veer Mehra. The man says the present. Siya says Isha is smiling as if something is going on. Madhavi says you will help Dipika in surgery. Veer says I am very lucky that I got this chance. Madhavi says it is not easy thing. Isha smiles seeing Veer. Siya says Isha’s options will never end, you take a turn, save yourself, that is a bad idea. Peroz looks on.

Deepika examines a patient. Veer talks sweetly. Dipika says I will see you in OT. Siya examines a patient, Sneha. The guard says she plays guitar, her fingers got stuck inside the door. Sneha says I have to play guitar in concert, do anything but save your fingers. Meena says that Dipika has informed the plastic surgery HOD about this matter. Siya asks Dr. Sameer Rao, he is a legend, where is he. Sameer comes and says I am here for you. Siya remembers the boy she kissed. He says Dr. Sameer Roy again in your service. Siya asks are you Dr Sameer Roy.

He says yes, I had to leave ER and come here at other places. He checks on Sneha. He says I have to fix you, the world needs music, what do you play. Sneha says all the way, but the distortion is my kick. He says not bad. Meena asks Siya are you fine. Siya says no, yes, I mean no, we have to cut the patient’s fingers and fix it. Siya says why is my life so complicated, I kissed a legend.

Veer says sorry, Dipika has gone to save a life. Patients argue and ask if our case is not small. Come on Deepika She says trust me, there is no complication, I will take you when ot is available. The patient says that this has not been done. Dipika says I can just request you, a patient’s life is in danger, I will do your surgery today, its fine, thanks. Veer handled the patient’s anger.

Sneha says I am going to lose fingers, well, I earn from my online tutorials. Sameer asks her to calm down and rest, he will try his best to save her fingers. He asks Siya to prepare OT. He says I will rebuild fingers, maybe fingers will not work normally, it is a bad news for Sneha. He asks are you ready to help me in surgery. What Siya says, Really, I love you, I love you, I like plastic surgery, so… Sameer says wait. he goes.

Dipika says don’t postpone surgery, Shetty also needs OT. Chakraborty says you are in charge of OT scheduling, you decide it. Shetty says yes, fix it and inform me. he goes. She says how can I decide about this, I cannot give priority to my patient, I will look biased. Chakraborty says sometimes you need to step back and look at the bigger picture, just think about the needs of two patients. She says my patient will not leave me. He says make a habit of handling irritable patients, good luck. She calls Dr Shetty and says please go ahead. She says everyone will be happy except me. He says now you know what it takes. She goes.

Sameer says I think you enjoyed assisting in surgery. Siya says I did not see anyone doing this cleverly. He says I love to travel, one should go extra mile, it helps to clear the mind. He reminds her of the impulsive decision taken last night. He says that sometimes, you must abide by such decisions, whatever happened will always happen in the bar. She says wow….

Isha praises Veer. Peroz asks her to stop it. The patient listens to them. Isha says I am impressed. The patient asks will you take out your anger and frustration on me. Peroz says no. Dipika comes to apologize to the patient. Woman says I am bad luck, I am hungry, give me something to eat. Dipika says I am trying to book OT. The boy scolds Veer. Dipika says rest, please. He gets a call. She goes.

Peroj and Isha argue about the patient’s case. He asks her to love him alone. He asks Siya why she is happy. She says you know Dr Sameer Roy, I kissed her last night. He asks what. She says I helped her in surgery, it was great, that girl Sneha’s fingers were saved, she would be happy. He says you kissed him, he is a senior here. She says I didn’t know about it when I kissed her, I will turn professional. He says it is risky. She says I am a fan of his work. He says Isha is not right about me. She says ok, help me in charting. He says bring me something to eat.

Dipika says I know you are very angry, you are hungry, you will need few days to undergo surgery in another hospital, I just want one chance, I know the case well. The girl said okay, do it now. Dipika says earliest slot is midnight, you have been patient, just 4 hours, you don’t need to see me again. The patient says it may be a futile effort. Dipika says I will give my best. She goes to her cabin and takes the tablet. She calls Nikhil. He jokes. She says I had a terrible day. He says I can imagine, your job is not easy.

She says it was very tiring. He laughs. She asks why are you laughing. He says I will tell you about the most shameful act tomorrow. She says yes. He says you told me to stop the car and lower the window, you vomited outside. She says I remember, you helped me. He says I am gentleman, this is shocking, you are so beautiful, how did you vomit so much. She says stop. He says you said you looked ten times prettier in general. She smiles and says thank you for making this terrible day better, I didn’t do any surgery, I am doing paperwork, now I will eat heavy food and go for surgery late at night. Dipika and Veer complete the surgery. She informs Savita about her mother’s surgery.

She calls Nikhil and talks to him. He says we will also take a break from these chaos, will you come with me for dinner, why are you so tense, I am asking for dinner, but sky diving, it is safe, feels good? I understand you have a busy schedule, we will meet at the rest bar in front of the FMS. She smiles and says okay, okay, last dinner. He says it feels good. Veer says my work is done, can I go, I have date. She says fine, you can go, you are a surgeon, your work will not be over. He asks are you not going. She says my work is not over. He asks do you not like to relax, personal life is also necessary, we have to reset, otherwise our performance will sink. She asks are you not getting late.

Nikhil reminds Dipika of their dinner. Elena tells a patient not to go in for surgery tonight. Deepika says that the hospital is run by medical expertise, not your face reading. Elena tells her not to follow the way she is going at night, otherwise some things may change and she cannot undo it.

Update Credits: Amena

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