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Kohlrausch’s Law Chemistry: Learn straightforward explanations for the definition, system, and functions of Kohlrausch’s regulation right here for a fast understanding of this vital chemistry idea. Download the PDF to change Kohlrausch’s rule if required.

Check the definition, formula and applications of Kohlrausch's law

Check the definition, system and functions of Kohlrausch’s regulation

Chemistry is an attention-grabbing topic that reveals some very attention-grabbing ideas that govern the habits of gear round us. One such precept is Kohlrausch’s regulation which helps in understanding the character of electrolytes and their conductivity in options. Kohlrausch’s regulation is vital not just for class 12 research but additionally for varied entrance exams together with NEET and JEE. This is a subject that’s typically included within the chemistry syllabus for these exams. In this text, we’ve got defined Kohlrausch’s regulation in easy phrases, its definition, system, functions and different vital data associated to it. You may download the reason of Kohlrausch’s regulation in PDF to change it as per your comfort.

what’s kohlrausch‘S Law?

Kohlrausch’s regulation, named after the German chemist Friedrich Kohlrausch, is a precept that helps us perceive how the conductivity of an electrolyte answer is determined by the focus of ions inside it. In different phrases, it describes the connection between the conductivity of an answer and the focus of its ions.

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Kohlrausch’s regulation states that the limiting molar conductivity of an electrolyte will be represented because the sum of the person contributions of the anions and cations of the electrolyte.

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equal conductivity It is outlined because the conductivity equal to 1 gram of electrolyte dissolved in 1 liter of answer. It is represented by the image Λ. Its SI unit is Scm2equal-1 (Siemens equal per centimeter squared).

infinite dilution There is a hypothetical scenario during which the focus of electrolyte is zero. At infinite dilution, all ions are fully separated from one another and there’s no interplay between them.

FORMULA For kohlrausch’s regulation

The mathematical system of Kohlrausch’s regulation is as follows:



Λ = Equivalent conductivity of electrolyte at infinite dilution

Λ, = Equivalent conductivity of cation at infinite dilution

Λ = Equivalent conductivity of anion at infinite dilution


Kohlrausch’s regulation has a number of vital functions in chemistry, together with:

  • Determining the diploma of separation: The diploma of dissociation of an electrolyte is the fraction of electrolyte molecules which have dissociated into ions. Kohlrausch’s regulation can be utilized to find out the diploma of dissociation of an electrolyte by measuring its equal conductivity at completely different concentrations.
  • Calculation of limiting molar conductivity: The limiting molar conductivity of an electrolyte is the equal conductivity of that electrolyte at infinite dilution. It will be calculated by including the limiting molar conductivity of the person ions within the electrolyte.
  • Determination of solubility of sparingly soluble salts: Kohlrausch’s regulation can be utilized to find out the solubility of sparingly soluble salts by measuring the equal conductivity of the salt answer.
  • Determination DDissociation fixed for weak electrolytes, Kohlrausch’s regulation can be utilized to find out the dissociation fixed for a weak electrolyte by measuring the molar conductivity or particular conductivity of the electrolyte at completely different concentrations.

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