deadpool 3 has been in the works for a few years, and today the superhero flick has taken an important step forward with confirmation Sean Levy Will direct the production. This choice of director is important since the actor Ryan Reynolds Last year collaborated with Levy on the successful comedies Free Guy and The Adam Project.

However, The Merck with the Mouth itself has expressed happiness over the news. Reynolds uploaded a photo with Deadpool with characters from two of his Levi films, Adam Reed (The Adam Project) and Guy (Free Guy). They are in the same blue area as the cover of the Adam Project. Reynolds captioned the picture, “The third film in my Sean Levy trilogy will be a bit harsher.” Reynolds’ trademark spirit shines through in his post, despite the fact that his last two projects with Levi’s were more family-friendly endeavors.

According to Collider, over the course of two decades, Levy has directed films such as Cheap by the Dozen, The Pink Panther, The Night of the Museum trilogy, Free Guy and The Adam Project. He has produced and directed episodes of current classic television series such as Stranger Things. While Levy is best known for his family-friendly films, Stranger Things and Free Guy demonstrate that the filmmaker has a keen awareness of the tone required for production.

It’s Amazing To See How Much Reynolds And Levi Have Grown Togetherduring his last two projects. That bodes well for Deadpool 3, and now that the widely anticipated sequel has a director, we can expect to hear more about the anticipated film soon.

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