CSC In Every Panchayat: Customer Service Center will open in every Panchayat, District Magistrate ordered. ,


Samastipur District Magistrate of Bihar Yogendra Singh held a review meeting of various departments on Friday. During this, the DPM of Jeevika informed that the target is to open one customer service center in each panchayat. CSC in Every Panchayat

This year centers will be opened in all panchayats. The DM also discussed the role of public participation under the nutrition campaign. DPO ICDS stated that last year better work was done. This year also nutrition campaign will be run in the district. CSC in Every Panchayat

Jeevika’s DPM informed that 216 customer service centers are functioning in Samastipur, from where group transactions take place. This has brought a lot of convenience to the Jeevika Didis. The participation of Jeevika in pension scheme, insurance protection scheme and other related schemes was also discussed. DIO NIC, DPO ICDS, Officer on Special Duty, DPM Jeevika etc were present in the meeting. CSC in Every Panchayat



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