Courteney Cox Reportedly, the most difficult element of shooting the first installment of the Scream series was doing all his own stunts in the film’s climactic sequences. Scream, a contemporary horror classic, was released in 1996 to acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Although, Courteney Cox has become one the Scream Series fixture as Gail Weathers, a strong reporter eager to go to any lengths to get a good piece. Gale was originally portrayed as Campbell’s rival to Sidney Prescott, but she has since embraced her old adversary and has become an important part in stopping any Ghostface killers that would have plagued many of the film’s sequels. can appear in. Courteney Cox recently spoke with Sean Evans on the First We Feast YouTube channel about the hardest element of shooting the original Scream. When asked if it was true that the film’s closing sequence was the most difficult element of the entire production, Kourtney agreed and said, “Oh yeah, it’s tough.”

He continued, according to ScreenRant, “You do all those stunts and you have blood and it’s sticky and anyway, it’s really hard to finalize them. It’s so intense and I remember doing it at a young age.” And I was doing all this. My stunts and it was no big deal and I thought I could do it again, and I did, but I was definitely paying for it.”

Despite the gruesome ending to the first film of the franchise, Cox continued to play Gail Weathers in the series and performed many of his own stunts. While the first three films in the series were released in short succession, Scream 4 and Scream (2022) were released almost a decade later.

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