Choti Sarrdaarni 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Sahar decides to leave Rajveer

Choti Sarrdaarni 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Sahar decides to leave Rajveer

Choti Sarrdaarni 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Sahar decides to leave Rajveer

Choti Sarrdaarni 4th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Sehar gets the report. She checks. It’s positive. Sahar says Raj is Rajkumar’s father? Sahar cries and cries while walking on the road. She falls on the road. Sehar crushes the report and cries. Sahar recounts his moments with Rajveer and his promises. Sehar comes near a rock. His feet are bleeding. Sahar remembered everything. She remembers Khushi’s video with Raj. Sehar does not cry..

scene 2
Everyone in the house is worried about the city. Kulwant says I am really worried. Param says we should talk to police now. Karan says let’s go to Raj. Sehar comes inside and says it is not needed. She brings the report. Rajveer says your condition? Your legs are bleeding. Param says we were very worried. Karan says where were you? Raj says please bring first aid. Sehar says I trusted my love more than God. I got DNA test done to strengthen my bond. Rajveer says thanks Sahar. You know I wasn’t with happiness? Truth is out. I am not the father of the prince. Everyone will know that I did nothing. I know Sehar our love has great power. I love you. He kisses her forehead. Sehar says I think you forgot what you did that night with Khushi? Rajveer is shocked. He says what are you saying? Sehar says you must have some misunderstanding but I know the truth. Rajveer says what are you saying?

Sehar says that the DNA test is positive. Sehar shows him the report. Sehar says you are Rajkumar’s father. Rajveer is shocked. Raj says it is not possible. Fake report. Sehar says no. Your DNA is identical with that. You are his father. Khushi says look, truth is out. Thanks baba. Dolly says the truth comes out. Don’t take Rajveer’s side now, Kulwant. Harleen says that she will not even believe this report. Kulwant says I don’t. Rajveer says this is a lie. I did not do anything. I am not the father of the prince. Robbie says stop lying. You can’t deny it. Robbie grabbed his collar. Rajveer says I did nothing. Bittu and Rana stop them. Raj says I did nothing. I am not the father of the prince. Robbie says stop lying. Rajveer says I will forget your age. Harleen Param says you asked to do this test. Watch now. Rajveer says that this report is fake. Kulwant says I don’t believe in this paper, I trust Raj only. Dolly says are you out of your mind? You said you were waiting for the report. Rajveer is a criminal.

Khushi says please don’t talk about Rajveer like this. It wasn’t his fault. She says don’t look at me with anger. You were with me that night. Prince is your child so he loves you very much. Rajveer says shut up. He says that this report and Khushi are false. We should get tested again. Karan says yes. Harleen says why another test? You won’t believe it again. Rana says we have faith in Raj. Dolly says trust is broken. It’s all out. Sehar cries a lot. Sahar happily says I told you that if it is true then I will not shy away from my responsibility. If Raj is Rajkumar’s father, I will rectify his mistake. Kulwant says what are you saying sahar.. its about your life. Don’t do this. Sahar happily says you wanted Raj for one year, didn’t you? Rajveer says what did he tell you? Glad you’re crazy?

Sehar says I Sahar Kaur Babbar, Sarab and Meher’s daughter swear today that if there is truth in this, Rajveer will be with Khushi and Prince for the next one year. Rajveer cries. Sahar says I will not be in front of him for this one year. After a year I will see where Raj and my relationship stand. The elders of this house will decide. Rajveer cries. He sits in hour ft. Kulwant cries. Param says what are you doing? Sehar says this is my final decision. Karan chooses Rajveer. Khushi says thank you for being a true sister. Dolly says you decided right sehar. You showed how big your heart is. Kulwant says you prove how small you are. She says Harleen you are blind for your daughter but look at Sehar. He’s in a lot of pain. Kulwant says you will not do this city. You married Raj, you will not leave him. Sahar says till everything is not clear, then I cannot have any right over it. Karan says how can you fix this all of a sudden? Param says we will find something. Sehar says I know you care for me but I have thought before taking this decision. This is my final decision. The city goes up. Rajveer cries.

The ultimate prevents sehar. Harleen says Param don’t forget that you are wearing Sarab’s shoes. You said you would decide for the truth when it was out. Param says this is not correct. Everything will be destroyed. He says Khushi Di you are my sister. I care about you But think about it. Will you be happy with this name relationship? Raj is in love with Sahar and not happily. Harleen says Sehar decided after seeing the report. You can’t interrupt. You promised that you would stand by the truth. Param says we cannot do this with Sehr. Karan chooses Rajveer. The city cries.

episode ends

Precap-Seher says I am leaving from here but I have a request. Can I stay here till Param’s wedding? After that I will leave.

Update Credits: Atiba

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