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The episode begins with Rajveer telling Sehar that his life has become challenging since Prince’s arrival. He remembers that the prince used to run away from him, because his mama taught him this, but now whenever he thinks of his mama he sees you. He says we have to take small step and proceed with patience for that moment when he calls you his mother. Sehar hugs him. Rajveer gets a call and is shocked. Someone comes out and hears people complaining about their problem and body. Kulwant says I will come with you. Rajveer says it is night and asks her to stay at home. Sehar says I think Nani will go with you. Others say that they will also come. Rajveer, Kulwant and others are about to leave. Prince comes after calling Mamma there and tells about the thunder in the sky. Rajveer tells her that it is a thunderstorm, nothing else. Rajkumar asks if it comes in. Rajveer says it cannot come inside. Harleen asks Prince to come inside. Kulwant asks can you not see that the kid is scared. Rajveer tells Prince that he has to go out, so he will stay with Sahar until he comes back. The prince refused. Rajveer asks her to stay with Sehar. Prince asks Sahar if fever is coming from his hand. Rajveer checks and says I cannot go now. Sehar asks her to leave.

Dolly tells Prince that they will return soon. Sehar tells Harleen not to be worried as she will take care of Prince. Sehar is feeling dizzy due to fever. Param comes there and tells Sahar that he has to go to the factory to solve the problem. Sahar says okay Veer ji. Prince says one by one everyone left. Sahar says we will enjoy till then? Sahar posing as a crocodile plays with Prince and others. Sehar gets dizzy again. Sehar’s aunt gets a call and she says that she has to leave as her father is unwell. Ginni says she will go with him. Sehar asks them to leave.

Sahar tells Prince that she will cook and then after eating it, they will have story time. Prince asks can I kiss you. Sehar says yes. He kisses her on the cheek. Later in the night, Sahar starts feeling more dizzy and wonders why her condition is deteriorating. She tries to message Rajveer and turns down her phone. She closes the windows and starts sweating, collides with the table, gets hurt and falls to the floor. Prince comes out calling Sahar and comes to Meher and Sarab’s photo frame. He tells that he is very scared and Sahar is also not here. He finds her unconscious on the floor and goes to her. He tries to wake her up and asks why are you sleeping here. He says you are tired, worked so much for me, cooked lunch for me etc. He says I will sleep with you and cover her with my blanket, and he will rest on her hand remembering his moments. He pats her on her cheeks and says you are tired and will go to sleep. He says I feel good with you. Sehar’s hand was bleeding.

Rajveer calls Sahar and calls him. Rajkumar picks up the phone and asks when are they coming home? He says we are alone at home and Sahar is sleeping on the carpet. Rajveer asks how long has she been sleeping like this. Prince says she is not awake. Rajveer asks him to show her where is Sahar? Prince shows Sahar on the video call. Rajveer is shocked and regrets leaving him alone. They call Ginni and learn that she has gone with another woman. Kulwant calls Karan and asks where is he? Karan says that they are stuck in the factory. Kulwant tells about the situation in Sahar. Rajveer tells Prince that Sahar’s health is bad. Rajkumar asks if he is unwell. He asks Sehar to get up. Rajveer asks Prince if he is breathing. The prince checks and nods yes. Rajveer asks her to check his forehead. Prince checks and says it is hot. Rajveer asks her to take care of Sehar. Kulwant prays for Sehar. Kulwant remembers the past. Rajveer asks Prince to bring water from the kitchen. The prince takes water from the kitchen. The door closes with the wind. Prince tries to open the door and tells Rajveer that the door is locked. Rajveer asks her to try to open it. The prince tries to open it.

Kulwant prayed to God to save Sehar. Prince says daddy, door is closed and not opening. Rajveer gets worried for the prince. They get down from their car and walk to reach home, while it is raining heavily. Kulwant asks Rajkumar to take the spoon and open the door using it. She asks him to take the box and stand on it to open it.

Precap: Prince asks Sahar to wake up and gets worried.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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