Chhath Puja 2023 date, time and auspicious time, significance, rituals


2023 dates chhath puja are from 17 to twenty November, Celebration lasts for 4 daysevery with its particular values ​​and meanings,

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chhath puja 2023 date

Lord Surya is concentrated Of chhath puja, During the 4 days of Chhath Puja, Lord Surya is worshiped, Most of the ladies follow Chhath Puja rapid. For The happiness of the circle of relatives and the welfare in their sons.,

Kartik Chhath Puja vacation Exclusively due in November 2023 17 to twenty November, According to Hindu calendar, chhath puja is noticed two times a yr: Once, I Month of Chaitra and without delay Kartik month,

Prayer date Day
Bathing and consuming 17 November 2023 Friday
lohanda and Kto lose 18 November 2023 Saturday
night time prayer 19 November 2023 sunday
Usha Arghya 20 November 2023 monday

Hindu pageant of chhath pujaToo known as Surya Shashtinoticed most commonly in Terai area of Nepal And this Indian states Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, other folks from All castes and castes collect to have fun this vacation of solidarity and cohesion,

Chhath Puja 2023 time and muhurta

Shashti Tithi serves as the foundation of Chhath Puja 2023 Muhurta, According to the Hindu calendar, the 6th day of Kartik month is mounted for Chhath Puja. Following are the 4 day muhurats of daybreak and sundown:

Day 1- Chaturthi (Nahay Khay)

  • date: 17 November 2023
  • Sunrise: 06:45 am
  • sundown: 05:27 pm

Day 2- Panchami (Lohanda and Kharna)

  • date: 18 November 2023
  • daybreak 06:46 am
  • sundown 05:26 pm

Day 3- Shashthi (Chhath Puja, Evening Arghya)

  • date: 19 November 2023
  • daybreak – 06:46 am
  • sundown – 05:26 PM

Day 4- Ashtami (Usha Arghya, Paran day)

  • date: October 20 November 2023
  • Sunrise: 6:32 am
  • sundown: 5:37 pm

4 days Are Dedicated To worship solar godprotection The first day of Chhath is Nahay Khay, take holy tub in a frame of Waterparticularly The River Ganges, This is the point of interest of the day.

chhath puja 2023 date

History of Chhath Puja

It is thought that on Kartik Shukla ShashthiAfter his go back from Vanvas, Ram and Sita acted their first chhath pujaA, indicating that the worship of Surya predates Hindu trust,

An further tale associated with Chhath Puja pageant tells about King Priyabrata and his spouse Malini,

They by no means had youngsters, and although Malini attempted laborious to get pregnant, she gave start to a stillborn child. As the king started to lose hope, he determined to take his personal lifestyles.

Manas Kanya seemed from nowhere and introduced, “I am the incarnation of the sixth part of the universe.” If you worship me for 6 days with a natural thoughts and soul, you’ll no doubt be rewarded with a kid.

The king and queen’s consent to the puja resulted within the reward of an attractive kid.

Importance of Chhath Puja 2023

The major middle of Chhath Puja is Sun God. Since the Sun is noticed because the supply of all lifestyles and power, those that worship it search blessings that can grant them a protracted and fruitful lifestyles.

The tournament starts with a ritual bathing in a herbal frame of water, symbolizing the cleaning of the soul and frame.

An essential part of Chhath Puja, this washing ritual emphasizes the price of each bodily and non secular cleanliness.

Families and communities come in combination throughout Chhath Puja. Rituals, shared fasting and preparation of choices advertise a way of togetherness and team spirit.

It strengthens circle of relatives bonds and creates a robust sense of belonging.

chhath puja 2023 rituals

The four-day Chhath Puja pageant The festive length contains the efficiency of the next rites, sometimes called Surya Shashthi, Chhathi, Dala Chhath and Pratihar.

  • The first day of Chhath Puja is named Nahaye Khaye, which interprets to “bathing and eating”. On at the moment, individuals who follow the short take a holy dip in a river, pond or different frame of water.
  • On the second one day of Kharna, devotees follow Nirjala rapid. As a result, water isn’t inebriated and later within the night time a singular prasad consisting of rice, milk and jaggery is made.
  • Evening Puja Chhath is the 3rd day when Arghya is obtainable. On at the moment, Arghya is obtainable to Lord Sun. Use culmination, rice laddus and thekua to garnish the soup. After this the devotees and their members of the family will be offering Arghya to the Sun God.
  • Usha Arghya, through which Arghya is obtainable to the emerging solar, is carried out at the closing and fourth day of Chhath Puja. On at the moment, Vrati is going to the river financial institution along with his circle of relatives and plays the rituals with super enthusiasm and devotion.

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