Here are the unseen passages of CBSE Class 10 English to help students practice for the upcoming CBSE Class 10 English Term 2 Exam 2022.

Section – I of CBSE Class 10 English Term 2 question paper will have two unseen passages. The first passage will be a critically comprehensible passage of 400-450 words. Questions based on inductive passage will be asked to assess inference, evaluation, vocabulary, analysis and interpretation. The questions will be of very short answer type carrying 1 mark each. To score well in this part of the paper, students can practice the discursive passages given below in this article. All questions have been answered. You can download all the critical excerpts in PDF and practice them at your convenience.

English Discursive Comprehension Passage for CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Exam 2022

Read the following passage carefully:

1. Frankness can be one of the greatest virtues! And here’s why. Because unrestricted and unfiltered candor is a recipe for breaking relationships, even the closest. Such clarity is understandable, acceptable and even ‘cute’ only in children under the age of five.

2. Thinking before speaking and exercising restraint are signs of growing maturity and preparation for life. Learning to apply a filter between thought and the spoken word (and, more importantly, the written word) is an important life skill. Think is a popular abbreviation for True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind. It would be surprisingly good as a filter in our brains.

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3. It is good to speak what is true, but only in short form with other attributes, especially the last one, kindness. In the noble brilliance of speaking what we see as the truth, we often forget to be kind. We expose the ‘truth’ even when it is completely useless and unnecessary to do so, let alone inspiring! Too often, such a truth-telling is disastrous rather than great. Only those who do not care about the consequences can afford the luxury of saying ‘Apne Mann Ki Baat’ whenever and wherever they want. When relationships are at stake, it is essential to choose the time, place, and words appropriately while providing the unpleasant truth. And even then, when absolutely necessary and with the utmost kindness.

4. Speaking without thinking can be even more dangerous in other situations, for example, when someone has entrusted us with a secret. The sign of maturity is the ability to keep a secret. Very young children are unable to grasp the concept of a mystery. For them, every piece of information is interesting, new, and worth sharing. As we grow up, we all learn how to keep secrets, but often we only keep our own secrets, not what others tell us. A friend may have said something to us with confidence, perhaps casually, but often in order to appear significant in other people’s estimation. It gives us the power to know something our friends don’t know, and it requires a conscious effort to keep the information to ourselves.

5. But this is the real test of an important life skill: self-restraint. To reveal a friend’s secret is to betray a friendship. In fact, the consequences can extend far beyond friendship alone. It can lead to gossip spreading like wildfire, destroying peace of mind and even life.

6. Words have the power to hurt or heal. They are not just tweeting and messaging tools. It’s important to stop and apply the Think Acronym filter, before the tongue speaks, before the fingers fly across the keyboard. Is it true, helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind?

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7. Of course it’s important to communicate. But being considerate and compassionate is far more important. Speaking well is a skill: Speaking kindly is a life skill.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer any five of the six questions given below.

(a) How much clarity is acceptable?

(b) what is meant by the term ‘put a filter’ in this context?

(c) What according to the author is the best way to reveal the truth?

(d) Why is keeping secrets important?

(e) the antonym of ‘cruelty’ used in paragraph 3 is…

(f) What is the power of words except tweeting and messaging?


(a) One must be clear to the extent that it does not affect the relationships. Absolute clarity looks good only in young children. As we get older, we should be smart and filter the information.

(b) ‘filtering’ in this context means that a sensible person will filter whatever he wants to say before speaking. He will think through his thoughts before speaking anything.

(c) The author says that one should ensure that the place, time and words are carefully chosen. Also, very kind words should be used to express the truth.

(d) Keeping secrets is very important. Maybe a friend told us something to make us appear confident, in a carefree manner, but often in other people’s estimation. Therefore, there is a need for conscious effort to retain the information.

(e) kindness

(f) hurt or heal.

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