As Mark attempts to stop Arthur Harrow moon night episode 3, seems like a huge risk to him. Last episode, on the other hand, showed us Steven dealing with the consequences of his meeting with the creature at the Egyptian Museum. Furthermore, he faced a setback in his professional life, which prompted him to investigate what was happening to him at this point in time.

moon night episode 3

Thousands of people around the world have been talking about Moon Knight since the spectacular debut episode aired on television screens last week. A week after a premiere episode premiered on the television screens, the whole world started talking about it incessantly.

moon night episode 3

Moon Knight, a Marvel Cinematic Universe series starring Oscar Isaac as the eponymous character, follows the story of the gentle and unassuming Steven Grant. The latter finds himself caught in a tug of war between a mercenary named Mark Spector and an ancient Egyptian moon god named Khonshu.

Even though we’re only two episodes into the series, the saga between Steven Grant and Mark Spector has continued to take unexpected twists and turns, especially since the arrival of Arthur Harrow. It’s got a lot of twists and turns, especially considering we’re only two episodes into it. However, there is no doubt that the Disney Plus series will take even more fascinating twists and turns in the future. However, before getting there, we need to know when the next episode of the show will release.

moon knight episode 3 release date

“The third episode of Moon Night Season 1 will air on Disney Plus on April 13, 2022 at 3 a.m. Eastern Time.” While the studio has yet to confirm the title of the upcoming episode or provide official details, it is expected to be released soon. However, we can expect some action and some more shocking discoveries in the next episode.

Season 1 of Moon Night airs every Wednesday in the United States on Disney Plus at 3 p.m. Eastern Time (ET). In addition, the program is accessible for viewing on Disney Plus in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Meanwhile, new show episodes are released on Disney Plus Hotstar every Wednesday at 12:30 PM IST in India.

moon night episode 2 recap

The second episode of Moon Knight Season 1 was released on April 6, 2022, and was titled “Summon the Suit”. Steven awoke in his flat for the second time in the episode, completely astonished whether his experience with the Last Knighted creature was a dream or a nightmare. So, he immediately left for the museum, where he witnessed all the devastation caused by the war.

First, he attempted to establish himself and demonstrate to the security officer that what he had seen was legitimate by showing him a surveillance video from the night before. Although there was nothing on the camera stream, Steven himself was scared, running away. He finds himself walking out of the washroom after the fight and admits that it was his split personality, which goes by Mark, who was responsible for the battle.

Eventually, he was fired by Human Resources, and he began to investigate what was going on in his life. As a result, he went to the locker storage facility, where he had discovered the keys to his apartment. Guns, cash in various currencies, and a passport in the name of Mark Spector, his second identification, were among the many items discovered in the house. Khonshu surrounded him for a while, but he managed to escape and came across Layla, who claimed that she was his wife and that it was Mark, not Steven.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a superhero who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. When he blacks out and has a gap in his memory, museum employee Steven Grant has no idea that he is out in the world as a superhero (at least in the comics and this television version).

Moon Knight is a superhero who appears in comic books and video games. This person is closely related to the ancient Egyptian myths and traditions, which is not surprising. As the Moon Knight, he represents Khonshu, the Egyptian spirit of vengeance, who orders the Moon Knight to fulfill his violent desire.

Steven Grant is being pursued by the zealous preacher Arthur Harrow who took something he took from him when he was Moon Knight – something that Grant certainly has no recollection of in the series.

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